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Festive Decor Dated:  June 5, 2014
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Home decor, besides being a mode of personal expression is also deeply influenced by the time we live in, the fashions that the time decides for us and a signature of the society we belong to! Let us go through home designs era by era, and see what fashions were in élan, then and now.

The Golden 60s:

The sixties in India was a period when all the facets of our Indian lifestyle were reinventing themselves, breaking the British colonial iconoclast and coming up with a style of their own. Patterned wallpapers bearing psychedelic colours and designs became extremely common during this period. Taxidermy too, was big among the Indian elite back then.

Sizzling 70s:

The décor enthusiasts of the seventies encouraged activism and freedom of self-expression. Wallpapers, murals dominated home décor in a big way. Flower patterns and hippie ethnic style home décor dominated the urban homes of the seventies. The homes used to be light-coloured and airyin reflection to the mood of the society at the time.

Disco 82!

We don’t specifically mean the year ’82 by that! The decade of the eighties was when the disco phase kicked in. Urban homes shone with upholstery reverberant to the disco theme and the youth-relate was huge. There was an infusion of silver and gold into home décor. The eighties also saw the use of a lot of geometric patterns in home décor, which hadn’t been observed before. Pendant lighting came to be increasingly used, with those huge disco balls being welcomed into modern homes! Music helped shape this decade, and grooving became the order of the day.

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Throwback 90s:

The nineties saw the throwback of the masses into ethnic designs from the apparent “westernization” of the previous decade. As films began to cherish the values that came to them from their soil, décor followed too! Kantha, Bandhni,wood and metalwork took baby steps back to Indian décor and homes reeked of ethnicity and Indian authenticity.

And we reach the millennium!

Fourteen years down, I’d call the start of the new millennium the start of a new era in décor altogether. Reinventing seemed like the call of the day. Contemporary homes walked back with élan, slowly but confidently and people are no longer slaves to fashion. It is the era of connoisseurs, who are ready to experiment with anything that catches the eye. While a lot of mid-century fashion had resurrections, many have vanished into thin air. While birds, flowers and butterflies are things that keep coming and going, posters seem more permanent in this decade. Wallpapers, both vinyl ones and textured ones are doing their comeback circle right now and decals are coming out as a trade-off between art and wallpapers. Simplicity seems like the calling of the Gen-Y2K more than anything else.

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