A Home that evokes poetry

The Story of My Home Dated:  Jan. 30, 2014
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An upturned leaf floating on a river carries a pebble, a pebble that leans to the glorying Sun, quivering in the cold breeze.
Murkiness which osculated the pebble with a ray of hope, ripping apart all its intuitions and wisdom into the Sacred stream, the leaf carries the pebble into the universal currents of life, and finally discovers its existence  in a castle; somewhere behind this Horizon.

Holding my Canon with a clear aim to capture this castle, I landed at this beautiful home one fine day. I felt as if it was the mountains that echoed me the story of this house which I believe worth sharing.

Mr. Gandhi, an industrialist and a resident of Gujranwala town in Delhi has a marvelous and a charming personality, and the beauty of his work reflects his skill and his success in life. As said “a man needs no arguments to anticipate and approve what is beautiful: it strikes at the first sight, and attracts without a reason.” Within minutes of stepping into his home and interacting with him, I was reminded of this saying ...so apt for the beautiful home, that he and his family have so passionately designed.



Every brick on the wall tells the story of the efforts and contribution of the people involved Mrs. and Mr. Gandhi, their son Danish and daughter-in-law Jaitika. As we moved on, taking a tour of the house, I could see the perfect blend of old and modern tangibles and couldn't help but admire how  much thought the family has given to every single corner of their home. The home beautifully reflects the choices of each of its occupants.

The Living Room:  

Well, how does it feel to be amidst beauty, romance and art? Waiting for Mr. Gandhi in that living room made me feel the same way. While I was meandering through the garden of daffodils in my thoughts, Mr. Gandhi made his way to the room, greeted us warmly and like an artist so justly proud of his creation, started talking to us about how he had himself designed most of his home with a lot of thought and vision 18 years ago.

Attractive Cabinet

He showed us around the bar area in the living room which was beyond an attractive cabinet full of curios.


The bar had mirrors on the top which were arranged in a semi-circular form so as to form a canopy with their reflection, when someone looked towards its ceiling.



This unique canopy was designed by Mr. Gandhi himself. I was mesmerized by his enthusiasm as he was describing his favorite place and soon enough Mrs. Gandhi, a very beautiful and warm lady joined us and shared her feelings; she recounted how their friends would often sit at the bar stools sipping and pondering on their wine glasses throwing witty & humorous jokes at each other.


Bar Area

The bar area had wooden flooring, which before the recent renovation housed led lightings and served as the dance floor for family parties. The entire living room area, including the flooring has been redone recently by their daughter in law. Mrs. and Mr. Gandhi never missed an opportunity to complement their son and daughter in law as the brains and energy behind the creation of this beautiful home. Jaitika,(daughter in law) shows keen interest in design and does a lot of research related to art and design before applying it anywhere. Most of the wall art in the house has been done by Jaitika.


As we were talking more and more about Jaitika’s inputs, the gorgeous lady joined us herself and started chatting with her trademark liveliness about her choices in home decor. She loves gold, its richness; the sea and its varied colors; loves to weave in a story behind a setting; and they reflect in her choice of wallpapers, design and placement of furniture, embellishments and curios. We were soon joined by Danish, her husband, who we gathered, lends her a helping hand in shopping and picking up stuff for the home.


I ventured to shoot them at their favorite spot in the living room and goodness, it could well have been my fav spot of their home too. The beautiful wallpaper behind the sofa, a perfect view of the bar area and the rich glow in that area was indeed very alluring. It would surely catch anyone’s attention, but what took my heart away were also the real Star Fishes (mum and two kids) which Jaitika brought from Santorini, Greece. Near them, were brass mommy-baby turtles. “Turtle with her baby” tells a story, a story of hope and safety. For me it was more like motivating the little ones and taking them somewhere safe. There were loads of other attractive curios which the couple had picked from Ishatvam and Oma among others. The wall accents were from MG Road and the Furnishings from Dreams, Kirti Nagar.


The Lobby

As we move on from the living room to the lobby; what caught our attention was the Shaft. Usually Shafts are boring places which people try and cover with blinds or curtains, but this was different. The lobby wall along the shaft was made of glass and the opposite side of the shaft housed a beautiful two storey building dummy and between the glass partition and this  dummy building ran a staircase into the basement. What an excellent use of space and what an appealing twist to a normally so boring area of a home. The glass partition had an antique looking chest in front, which I first thought was made of stone. Discovered that it was wood given the look and feel of stone!


Along another wall of the lobby, lay another chest, this one in antique gold finish.  Above it, was a beautiful mirror picked up by Jaitika from an online shop. To go with this mirror, she had wood pieces carved in attractive shapes and layered with gold colored foil, giving the entire wall an oh-so-rich look.


The elevator that rests in the lobby cannot go unnoticed. Mr. Gandhi had the vision to install an all glass, hydraulic lift, designed with German technology, 18 years ago to make it easy for his family to move up and down between the floors. The lift area has been beautifull done up with huge mirrors in carved wooden frames and as you move up in the lift towards the top floors there is a true display of beauty; a waterfall that extends from the first to the last floor.  All in all, splendid.


The Kitchen and Dining Room

Mrs. Gandhi then accompanied us to the Kitchen, and introduced us to her domestic help. The kitchen is just as it was, when designed 18 years back and has never seen a renovation. However, I was surprised to see how well it has been maintained over the years.  The kitchen cabinet, the shutters and the chimney were polished in classy wood and the kitchen had an AC for the comfort of the domestic help.


Dining Room


The Dining room has a uniquely done up ceiling design, somewhat like a sphere- a concave one with a huge chandelier dangling fromits center.

Dining Table

The ceiling design and its color so blend in with the circular dining table beneath it where the family enjoys their meals together.  The matching marble flooring and the blinds add to the charm of this  room.

Jaitika’s Room

Jaitika's love for gold is easily noticeable in her room. The room has splashes of gold all over which beautifully strike poise with the otherwise warm setting . The bed with tufted headboard and an ottoman resting nearby its footboard had a rich deep red throw placed across it. The wall behind was clad with floral wallpaper, complementing the blinds pretty well.

Hideout Room

But the room isn't just beauty without function. A hideout room has been planned behind an imposing mirror and wood cabinet, to stash away the stuff that might otherwise clutter the main room.


Period Clock

The presence of a period clock blends in melody and aroma of vintage beauty in the room.

Jaitika chose her favorite spot in her bedroom with husband Danish and Livan(Son) for a photo; indeed a happy family, with the little one around.

Attached to this bedroom was a swanky dressing room.

Powder Room

Typically a powder room is the smallest room of a house, but Jaitika’s Powder Room is a huge one, with enormous mirrored cabinets resting  along two of the walls. Jaitika has concealed the bare walls with floral wallpapers; this one had flowers done in water color effect in her favorite sea colors - splashy green and white. The intense wall color made a dramatic impact in the room and added an element of surprise to it. While the interior designers that the family had hired had given her a dull and drab beige powder room, Jaitika who likes her home to be as lively as her, redid the room lending it an air of elegance in antiquity and joie de vivre. Really, what more can you want if the first place you step into when you wake up in the morning is as refreshing and lively as this.


The Unique Clock in the Pantry

Just outside Livan’s room is an open pantry,  a place to prepare quick meal or drinks for the little one. Pretty well thought out considering the fact that the family kitchen is two floors below. A unique clock adorned with cutlery around it was pinned onto one of the walls along this pantry. This wacky clock with even its hands made of knives and forks, gives you a feeling that you’re entering into a dream world- indeed a kid’s world.


Livan’s Room and Playroom

Livan on his bed

I was mesmerized by the soothing blue color walls of Livan's room. To me, it just gave a-ease-into-sleep feel. The room was not overdone. It had a wallpaper with Numerals printed on it and a small bean bag with Livan’s name printed on it, aligned to the wall. Then there was the play pen and not to mention-the bed with tufted headboard which was clad in a bedsheet with Livan's favorite comic characters printed on it.



The room opens into a playroom, which like the rest of the home has been beautifully designed. It’s no secret that all kids treasure and value a space of their own besides their very own bedroom and Livan seemed to be very excited in showing us his private room- the playroom. An endearing smile and happiness was visible on his face as he showed us around.


Mr. Gandhi's Bed Room

Mrs. and Mr. Gandhi’s bedroom was simple yet perfect. It would give you that pleasurable feel and a sense of being at home all safe and protected with the pet dog constantly at attention, keeping you safe from the world outside. A bed rested in the center aligned to the wall which was furnished with wooden wall cabinets. The room had a huge portrait of Mr. and Mrs. Gandhi which perfectly displayed love and care the couple has for each other.


Grandma’s Room

As we walked into this room it reminded me of my grandma and took me back to my childhood days, I could feel the bliss and purity like the fragrance of the holy smoke. Maaji (with respect) sat there greeting us with hands together: saying Namaste (Greeting back). A comfortable wooden bed, a wooden chair and a wardrobe in a very neat setting made her room.


All in all, the Gandhis' home sets a live example of how one can blend in the old and the new, the modern and

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