4 Fantastic Home Library Design Ideas

Interior Design Ideas & Tips Dated:  Nov. 3, 2015
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Home Library Design Idea by Interior Designer: Sahil Suri

A home library is a must for anyone who loves or has ever loved reading books. There is an unmistakable connection that most of us have with the books that we have read or collected. A home library can be either a separate room or it can be part of the wall cum floor plan. The most important thing while designing a library would be the exact spot where you wish to place it and how accessible or private you want it to be. Once you have decided on these fundamental issues you can start looking at the various design options that are being invented across the globe.

Here are a few that we have chosen for you:

Staircase library

Staircase libraryStaircase library
Image source: https://cecileswriters.wordpress.com/

As the fight for space gets worse, many designers are coming up with rather innovative solutions to design a home library. Staircase library does not take up any space in your floor plan. All it does is line the wall adjacent to the staircase with your favorite books while the steps themselves can be used as the seating area.

If you are planning a proper staircase for the house you could also create open book shelves within the steps or have some book drawers installed in each step.

Balcony Library

Balcony LibraryBalcony Library
Image source: www.tourfactory.com

Remember the rainy days when you stand in your balcony and wish you could somehow enjoy the rainy season without having to get wet. Well, here is a fabulous thought for you to achieve your desire. Install a sliding glass door on the balcony. Get some bespoke shelves made to store your favorite books, choose one or two lazy chairs and voila…you have a balcony to die for. You could even have a little greenery in the shape of some potted flowers and plants to complete the look.

Portable home library

Portable home libraryPortable home library
Image source: www.decosee.com

Ever thought you could have a library that you could take with you to any comfy corner of the house. Take a peek at the picture below…this is just an idea to begin with; how far you take it and what you do with it is entirely up to your personal needs and taste.

Classic library

Classic libraryClassic library
Image source: www.researchctr.org

Classic library has its own charm and attraction and while we can talk about innovative ways of creating a home library in the most urban and contemporary setting; nothing really compares to the hold that the classic library has on our hearts. It is all about open bookshelves, the good old library ladder, a cozy chair with an ottoman in front of it and a study table. One can easily imagine curling up with a book on one of these chairs with a piping hot coffee mug in hand.

Apart from all the above ideas you could also go for various color themed balconies. For example you could have an all white room lined up with books of various colors and shapes giving it a rather stylish look or you could select any of your favorite colors to create a special sanctuary in the house. It could either go along with the theme of the rest of the house or be totally different.

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