House shifting made easier- tips for hassle free moving

General Dated:  Jan. 18, 2016
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House Shifting Tips India

Moving to a new place can fill us, specially the kids, with loads of excitement- new neighbours, new location, new school, there is plenty of newness to look  forward to. But the very thought of packing and shifting can douse  that excitement.

Shifting indeed is a mammoth task exhausting you both physically and mentally. But, as well planned is half done, a little planning can make it way easier and lighter than you may consider.
Let us go through some very crucial steps that will lighten your misery in shifting and moving.

1. Start planning

As is with any other mission, it is always better to contemplate the requirements well before the actual date of moving. Chalk out a plan as to which things will be packed when and how.
Also get in touch with your friends to know about some real good packers and movers.

2. Organize packing

Packing things can turn messy and confusing if there is no coordination among the members. There are certain things which are under your wife's custody and some under your kids- so make sure you pack the stuff in their presence.

3. Choose the packing material wisely

You cannot pack every thing in the same way. There are things that are brittle, things that are to remain packed even in your new home and things that are strong enough to go unpacked. Breakable things should be well cushioned whether you are moving to a near by street or to a different region. If you ever run out of bubble wrap, you have your clothes and other linen to protect them from damage. For packing other stuffs, medium sized cartons are a perfect pick.

House Shifting IdeaHouse Shifting Idea
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4. Labels and check list

Packing is complete only when you make sure that the things would be accessible easily to anyone once you have settled in your new home. It so happens at times that we take more time figuring out what was packed in which cartons. Hence, make sure that you label the boxes as soon as you are done with sealing the box. Also keep a check list to avoid confusion. Do not forget to number the boxes.

5. Clear off the unwanted

Shifting gives you the perfect chance to clear off the unwanted things that have piled up over the years. Never hesitate to discard those things which you haven't used in the past six months as they will not be of any use in the future(reveals a survey). If there are things that deserve a second ownership, sell them on  online sites or donate it to charity. Whatever the option be, get done with it atleast a week before you  have planned to move.

donation boxDonation box
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6. Take care of the tiny accessories

Things like screws, nuts and bolts, clamps and anchors (which are minute in size and high on utility) should be labelled separately if things are detached for easier transportation.

7. Pack the essential separately

Those things which are to be used regularly like toiletries, basic kitchen essentials, a pair of clothes for changing etc should be packed at the end and in a bag which you can take with yourselves.

House Shifting TipsHouse Shifting Tips
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8. Taking care of your children and pets

The stress of the 'd day' is enough to lose track of your kids and pets. Make sure you have someone (who is not helping in packing) to  look after them.

Now that you are a lot more organised and planned  for the next time, hope shifting will not be a nightmare anymore. All you are left with is EXCITEMENT!

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