7 Tips to Design praiseworthy Hotel Interiors

Hotel Architecture & Interiors Dated:  March 23, 2016
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Hotel Interior Design Idea by Architect Suchith Mohotti Associates

Hotels are lining up the city and its peripherals. And without something magnificent and extraordinary, it is getting hard to thrive in the market. I won’t say first impression is the last impression but definitely a lasting impression. Along with the hospitality and services provided, interiors too play a major role in determining whether yours will be the most searched and sought after hotel. Here are some tips that can come handy if you are in the planning session of designing your dream project.

An alluring lobby:

The first look your guests get to have is of the lobby/ reception. Judging something with its first look is an innate ability of humans. Your lobby, hence, can say a lot about your hotel. Often a masterpiece of art or sculpture, a stunning backdrop for the reception desk or a unique ceiling helps in making a bold statement.

The magnificent ceiling with huge celestial pillar is definitely the eye catchers

Setting a focal point:

Whether it is a room in your house or your hotel, for people to notice and appreciate the beauty of the interiors, having a focal point is a must. It can be an unusual table lamp, a mirror, the bed or a different lighting fixture.

Hotel Interior Design TipThe wall paper behind the bed is the ultimate focal point
Image Source: soarmillcove.co.uk

Keep it neutral:

Since we don’t know the taste and preference of each guests visiting our hotel, it is always better to keep the look neutral – not too much of flashy colours nor very bland or boring. A right mix of contrasting colours can be soothing as well as dramatic.

‘Not me but you’ attitude:

Often when we plan a commercial place, we knowingly or unknowingly go by our style and preferences. This can prove to be one of the biggest mistakes while designing a commercial space especially if yours is a bohemian style. Comfort should be the ultimate goal. Combining it with style is an art you would need to master.

Scale the room:

Overboarding is a big no for your hotel rooms. Be it the colour, number of elements or the size. For example a king sized bed will serve great in a large room but definitely not in a small one. The idea is to keep the space airy and congestion free. People won’t complain about the size of the bed, but they will, definitely about cluttered interiors.

Be locally influenced:

Make the best of the location of your hotel. As it is, there may be mostly tourists from different parts of the country or  the world that come to stay in your hotel, they will be looking forward to seeing and experiencing the local riches of the place. Therefore, giving a local touch to the design while strictly adhering to the global standards of hospitality can prove to be of great help in attracting more foreign guests.

Hotel Design TrendInteriors of 'The Leela', Udaipur, Rajasthan
Image Source: www.theleela.com

The Leela, one of the finest names in hospitality sector in India has its branches all across the country. The one shown above is of Udaipur, Rajasthan. The bedroom here can be seen beautifully furnished in the lavishness of a Maharajas palace. Intricate detailing on the wooden accent walls (a trademark of Rajasthani Havelis), royal pillow covers and ethnically designed floor rug under the bed, all speak high about the style and richness of the region.

Detailing and perfection:

As you set a focal point for the room to attract more eyeballs, be ready to be complimented or complained about every little detailing. Once there is something strikingly beautiful in the room, people tend to search for similar finesse and exemplary work. Hence, it is important to check for perfection in every minute element of the room. Do not hesitate to add more intricate detailing to the décor.

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