House Designs for Villages in India

Farmhouse Design Dated:  Aug. 18, 2014
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Design by- Interior Designer, Sandesh Prabhu

Villages in India aren’t one particular entity. Given the diversity of our land, people and the hundreds of cultures, each village, each alley and each cluster looks completely different from the one next to it. In a country where a different language is spoken every 100 kilometres, the diversity in home designs obviously differ widely.

Material used: The materials used to design a village “hut” mostly determine its character. You have to decide this early on. While getting a bamboo or cane awning over your courtyard is extremely beautiful and ‘Indian Village’ authentic, you’ve got to factor in the rain and the sun, even the occasional hailstorms. The bared bricks look looks lovely if you’re planning on an ethnic Indian village house. You could also go with a plain cemented, black and white look, which is easy in terms of upkeep and can also be seen in the better-off parts of Indian villages.

Roofs and Ceilings: While the roof of a village house can be done up with brick or cement to keep it secure, unlike the houses in rural India, the ceiling from inside, can be done up very beautifully, in keeping with the roof. Suppose the roof of your village styled house is triangular, you can line the ceiling with straight bamboo poles from end to end. The effect that you’ll achieve will blow your mind. Similarly, a coffered bamboo ceiling can be achieved inside if you have a flat roof. A false ceiling helps you to experiment with various types of accessory lighting too.

Porch: A porch or patio can be very easily incorporated in a village home, being that Indian village homes have porch areas with beautiful sheds or awnings over them. About how to make the awning, get creative. It can be made out of anything from cane

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bamboo, to even old coir mats. This is an area in your house that’ll let you bask in the sun in the winters and enjoy the breeze for the rest of the year. Place a few bamboo modas and enjoy tea time with your family here.

Floor: The floor of a village themed house can be done in wood, completing the look. Good ply wood will go a long way in age-proofing your house and it’s one of the classiest options available for flooring. You could also go with the mud floors in a few areas of your house. Keep it authentic, keep it classy.  Ethnic looking rugs and mats also embellish your flooring in the nicest, most authentic way possible.

Structure: We’ve seen it in Social Science books in middle school, and we all have a fair idea that village homes are raised on a slightly elevated platform, as far as the structure of the houses goes. The idea of most homeowners is to protect their houses in case a flood strikes, sometimes to keep snakes out. An elevated platform could be designed into your home too. Normal platforms would work equally well if you don’t have floods or snakes

Warli Art Village Wall Decal ( KC011 )
Natural Pebble Stone Art – A Village Man with Pots
Natural Pebble Stone Art – Village Ladies with Pots
consider! The house could be a Georgian style home and still be made to look like an Indian village home, so use your imagination well! Your house could be painted with lovely Warli paintings or murals to give them the authentic look.

The décor of the place should also be considered in keeping with the theme. Choose well and remember, “A thing of beauty is joy forever”!

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