Jazz up your Home with Patterns

Wall Decor Dated:  July 16, 2015
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Abstract Patterns, Source: cupegraf.com

Look around you. Wherever you are sitting or standing currently. Just gaze around the room and observe. What do you see? Is everything plain or is there something that attracts your eye? Usually there is something in every room that catches an individual’s attention. This could be the wallpaper, a piece of furniture, a painting, it could be anything! Usually it’s a contrasting color or a distinctive pattern that attracts the viewer.

Most decorators feel that a pattern amidst all the solid colors is the showstopper that adds a feel to the room. The theme could be anything but the prints and patterns make all the difference.

Generally home owners and decorators are overwhelmed and confused when they are faced with task of choosing the type of pattern and also its location.  Here are a couple of attractive patterns that might be of use for budding decorators!

Chevron: One of the common and recurring patterns is the chevron design which is basically a V-shaped pattern. A psychological theory suggests that its so common because it gives a feeling of family when one looks at it. The pattern is commonly alternatively black and white, but lately colors have started making an appearance as well. It’s a very commonly used on bedcovers.

ChevronChevron Pattern
Image source: https://www.craftyallieblog.com/2015/04/chevron-block-photo-frames.html

Tribal Print: If you are someone who is a huge fan of ethnic designs or who loves to explore the raw roots of our evolution, then tribal prints is the best choice you have! They not only come in different colors but also they are usually extremely intricate thus giving the entire décor a very authentic look.

Tribal PrintTribal Print
Image source: https://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photography-abstract-tribal-pattern-file-eps-format-image31216847

Houndstooth: One of the patterns that suddenly a great hit amongst decorators is the Houndstooth pattern. It not gives out an optical illusion but also adapts very easily with its surroundings. Usually used on cushion covers and table cloths, it also provides with the illusion of being more spacious.

HoundstoothHoundstooth Pattern
Image source: https://www.christinajewels.com/blog/free-seamless-vector-houndstooth-pattern

Plaid Print: The plaid print is basically a modified version of the checkered print consisting of horizontal and vertical lines. It provides a calming effect and is soothing to look at. This print is one of the only ones which can be used anywhere and yet it doesn’t seem out of place!

Green plaid patternGreen plaid pattern
Image Source: https://4photos.net/en/image:43-228295-Green_plaid_pattern_images

Floral Pattern: An all time favorite amongst women, the floral patterns provide a homely feel and  add freshness to the room. The prints can either be big or small depending upon the area of usage.  Though Commonly used on upholstery, recently floral wallpapers are the most popular.

Floral PatternFloral Pattern
Image source: https://www.templaterc.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/flower_patterns06.jpg

Animal Prints: One of the most difficult prints to be used for decorating is the animal print and this is because they do not merge well with their surroundings. Only if you are extremely sure of your choice should you go ahead with your choice of pattern. These prints not only stand out amongst everything else but also highlight the area where they have been used.  Hence the best way to use an animal print is to make sure there are solid colors in the background which support and contrast the chosen print!

Animal PrintsAnimal Prints
Image source: https://animalprintwallpaper.com/zebra-print.html

It’s extremely enthralling to see the extensive use of patterns in our homes and the creative ways with which we incorporate them. The amount of patterns that one may

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interesting is innumerable but these are some of the popular ones used in home décor. Hope they light a flame of inspiration in the budding decorators out there!

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