5 Useful House Plants and Placement Tips

Green Homes Dated:  Aug. 17, 2015
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Corridor Design by Architect: Dhananjay Shinde

Not only are plants, as science says, the biggest source of life on earth but also our helpers. They support us unconditionally. From giving us shelter in sunlight to satisfying our hunger, they prove to be man’s true friend. Bringing them inside our houses is no less than a boon but not all of them can be greeted in. Specific plants should be selected to be kept at proper places to increase their productivity.

1. Ferns outside front door:- These green long spread leaves of the plant catch the eye of every passer-by. Front door can be made to look extraordinary by placing ferns in pots. The purpose of placing ferns at the corners of the door is to prevent them from coming in contact with direct sunlight for these wither and therefore need constant watering.

Ferns outside front doorFerns outside front door
Image source: raenovate.com

2. Aloe Vera near a sunny window:- This plant grows well under the sun however too much sunlight can burn it. It serves as an air purifier and therefore can be kept in window area of any room. Aloe Vera is resistant to most of the pests which makes it a wonder plant requiring lesser care. Further, its gel can be used to heal cuts and treat scalp related problems.

Aloe Vera plantAloe Vera plant
Image Source: stylecraze.com

3. Basil in the courtyard:- Basil planted in the courtyard is the right choice. Not only does this plant has a phenomenal medicinal property but also grows quickly however its growth can be controlled if pruning is done regularly. This holy plant in the outer area of the house can be used as greeting gesture to the guests.

Basil plantBasil plant
Image source: feathersinthewoods.blogspot.com

4. Marigold in Balcony:- The scope of gardening becomes easier in a balcony. However, potted plants make it way more easier to be maintained. Potted marigold hung or placed in balcony keep flies away for it creates an aroma aphids detest. They keep mosquitoes in check and speak volumes about house's beauty.

Marigold PlantsMarigold Plants
Image source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/marksunderland/5634278286/

Orchids in Bathroom:- Apart from enhancing the beauty of the bathroom, they spread fragrance too. Suitable to grow in warm and humid conditions, their beautiful array of colors make the otherwise monotonous bathroom tasks interesting. Different species of orchids can be chosen for different scents.

Orchids PlantsOrchids Plants
Image Source: digsdigs.com

Keeping these plants at these places will definitely add visual interest in the house and serve the purpose of air purification, mosquito control, spreading aroma and making you feel fresh.

Do you have any suggestions? Please share them with us, post them in the comment section below.

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