How to choose color highlights for your room

Decor Tips Dated:  Jan. 1, 2014
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How often have you been stumped by the colors while deciding the perfect combo for your interiors? Though color choices do not follow any conventional principles, the act of choosing itself is an overwhelming task, which forces you to take up just another random blend in the end, which, despite all your efforts doesn't tend to impress you in any way. 

Interior decor certainly is not a no- brainer and when it comes to choosing the right colors, there is no such rule of thumb. Even if, any existed,  you wouldn't have liked to follow the same footsteps which have already been followed by million others. 

Now, when it comes to home renovation, this article is going to familiarize you with a strategy, with which you can invent a number of your own color schemes. Read on and know how to create your own personal color pallet that stands out your decor among several others. 


The basics- Color Wheel 

color highlights_html_me94056f.jpg The color wheel

Before we begin, we must make you familiar with the basic color wheel. The wheel features the full spectrum of colors- Primary colors being red, yellow blue and secondary colors being-Orange, Green and Violet. When you mix two equal amount of primary colors , you will get a secondary one. For instance- mix yellow and blue (equal parts) and you will get green.

Similarly, mixing equal portion of a primary and a secondary color forms tertiary color. You can try the experiment at your home. 


Let's get started 

Now, once you have got an idea, you can begin working on different paint hues. You would be thrilled to see the effects which are generated out of random. 


Decide the theme 

First ask yourself- What look do you want your home to portray? Is there a desired theme in your

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If yes, then proceed accordingly. However, if there is no such proposed theme, you can always start with what you have- If there is a furniture you don't want to let go, you can build your color pallet  around the color of your furniture. 

Have you ever wondered how on earth the colors like pink, beige, tan and olive emerged? Yes,they have originated from the same color wheel with only 3 primary and 3 secondary colors. Now, let us figure out the possibilities. 


The lighter tones: Mix white and red to create pink, brown and white to create tan/beige, white and black for gray, white and yellow for lemon and so on.  


The Darker tones: Combining equal parts of any color from the color wheel with equal parts of black creates a darker shade of that color. Mix red and black to generate maroon, blue and black for navy and so on. 


Decorating with Warm colors 

Depending upon your decor type and choice, you can decide what colors would accentuate  your decor. To create a warm, cordial and cozy aura, use colors on the right side of the wheel- orange, yellow and red. These colors are intimate, yet when used in excess infuriates

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temperament. Use lighter tones depending upon your wish.


Decorating with cool colors 

If you want to infuse the cool effects of nature, colors aligned on the left end of the color wheel would meet your demands. There are shades of blues and greens that work hard to imitate the cool and natural look in homes. 


Keep the decor Monochromatic 

Another option is to use the tones of same color in the decor. Try to create a vibrant contrast. This scheme always work well as the lighter and darker shades of same color tends to strike a good balance. For instance- Use sea green for the walls, dark shades of olive for the furniture and bright green for the cushions. Similarly, you can create a good decor pallet with other colors.


Neighboring colors complement each other 

Look at the color wheel. You will find that the neighboring colors seem to create a vibrant contrast with each other. For instance, you can create a tantalizing effect with blue, violet and red. Similarly with blue and green. 


Let's implement the scheme 

Choose the ideal combo that is in line with your decor and choice and then implement the concept in all your rooms. Once you are well- versed with this concept, you can apply it anywhere anytime. 

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