How to choose the right artwork for your office

Office Design & Decor Dated:  Jan. 1, 2014
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Design by: Aamir Sharma

Since the trend of office decor has begun settling in, offices are said to have a strong affinity of decor accents that explicitly speak about their business. And of course, a picture is worth a thousand words. A portrait can reflect much of the whole story than anything else could do. It's all about conveying the right message to the clients and customers involved in the business. Eventually, it has become a big deal for business/businesses to contemplate on the right artwork that can be displayed on office walls.

However, when it comes to selecting the best , a lot of entrepreneurs complain on how overwhelming it is. Despite knowing their company's mission and vision, they are not very certain what artwork would explicitly depict their values and summarize their business in an interesting way. 

Well, here are few handy tips that would help you decide the best. Just keep reading. 

Identify your Needs 

office artwork_html_m6c7b1a69.jpg A random office artwork by: Shahen Mistry

First thing- Ask yourself- Why do you need that contemporary painting? Just because your competitor/competitors have the same pinned on their walls or just because you find it across the street and want to incorporate in your decor?

Most of the businesses fail to identify the concept that an artwork cannot just accentuate your decor but serve as a visual statement to complement your company's business process. No doubts, decor aspects are important but it should string along the lines where it could express your business well. This is what this article is trying to emphasize.

What does your business deal in? 

The best way to decide the perfect wall art is to depict the theme that is relevant to your business. 

Finance/Law : For a conservative businesses like law firms and financial organizations , the stills of famous personalities in this field seem to give your clients a sense of trust and security.

office artworkOffice Artwork by: Architect Rajesh Patel Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

IT/Software/Hardware/Networking: High definition graphics portraits featuring pop arts would look good. You can also try customized wall art depicting series of ladders, pie-charts or a portrait that expresses innovation. 

office artwork_html_28796084.jpg Check out bold Graphics on the right side, Design by: Dsp design associates pvt ltd

Advertising/Interior Design/Film Production: These businesses are more drawn to art thanks to their creative aspects. Eye popping abstract art or a dramatic photography with a psychedelic effect would be ideal choices to make a statement.  

Medical Offices: If you are a medical firm , go for those artworks that appeal the patients and soothe their soul. Ensure that your artwork is lively. Floral art , landscapes and seascapes would do. 

Mission and Vision 

Wehlington Weather Station Wall ClockClocks to highlight punctuality, Available: Just for Clocks

Another way is to probe into your business philosophy and derive out a basic theme or an idea that expresses your business consummately. Ask yourself- What are the principles that your business obey? Depict a contemporary art emphasizing hard work, team spirit, punctuality, honesty and sincerity, which are of course the basic grounds of every business. 

Artworks that incorporate positive values

Herambha GanapathiHerambha Ganapathi, Available: VV Swamy Arts

Last, but not the least, every business starts with a positive note, wishes to stay positive in all the tasks it undertakes and envisage a positive future. However, at times it becomes difficult to stay adhered to positivity. A contemporary painting in bright and poppy colors etched across a positive theme lets the positivism stay on throughout the business life-cycle and beyond. 

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