How to Create a Pooja Ghar in Living Room?

Pooja Room Interiors Dated:  July 23, 2014
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How to set a mandir in living room? Setting up a Pooja Ghar in Living Room is as easy as asking the question. Also, one of the handy qualities of a Pooja area is that it can be placed anywhere. In case of a space crunch, your Pooja area can be placed in your living room, as Vastu experts ask you to refrain from placing it in the kitchen or in a bedroom. There are several ways to do this and love the effect. Here's how:

1) Creating a niche or alcove is one of the most popular yet amazing way to both create a Pooja area and save space. Mostly, people prefer this method if you make a house from n scratch. But it can be done with the help of a hammer or some professional help too. Seriously, if you can't break walls confidently, don't try at all! Have the area re-plastered and repainted, in a different colour if you wish, light it up with twinkly lights and little Pooja bells and you'll cherish breaking your walls for life. Decorate the area with satin cloth and team it up with the requisite kind of lights to provide a soft glow to your Pooja area and welcome positivity into your nest.

2) Customized Pooja mandirs are yet another way to create a Pooja area when you're short on space. You can buy these Pooja mandirs in various shapes, sizes and makes. There's the option of wooden mandirs, Italian marble mandir or metallic mandirs, which are available in whatever size you need. You can wall-mount the mandir or keep it on a table and pray. Metallic mandirs are amazing for the sense of antiquity that it imparts to your home. Bells, torans and lights can be used in partnership with your metallic Pooja

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to make it look elegant. Wooden mandirs will always be in vogue as long as people continue to pray! The reason is simple. Wood is timeless, low-maintenance and looks glorious. Choose rich wood like teak or mahogany, and enjoy it for life. Italian marble, Mamma Mia! Soft-satiny cloth is to be used to decorate it, with lights and bells and it is ready to shower blessings on you. Marble mandirs are available widely, in a lot of different sizes and hence would be easier for you to find and implement.

3) If all this seems like too much trouble, it would be a great idea to create a Pooja area in your living room, on a low topped table. I know how, if you're staying in a rented accommodation or company accommodation, most of the above won't make sense to you. So improvise. Do something low-key that will be temporary in nature and yet beautiful and serene. Find an old low topped table, paint it in whatever whacky shades you like, light it up with rice lights or any other Diwali lights and place your idols on it. Implement all kinds of decorating ideas because a Pooja area deserves all

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and more. 
Whatever Pooja area idea you select, always remember, keep positivity and happiness in your heart while making it. That's how you come to live a prosperous life that is touched by God.

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