How to ensure Vastu compliance for your home

Vastu Tips Dated:  March 7, 2014
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There is a lot of stuff flying about Vastu Shastra and it is easy to get lost in the over load of all that information and the endless dos and don’ts that you find associated with this building science. In this article we will try to make it somewhat simpler and easy for you to grasp the basic principles, while showing you how to ensure that your home is Vastu compliant.

The first thing you need to understand is that Vastu Shastra is all about the flow of cosmic energy and harnessing its power and positive attributes. A Vastu compliant home ensure that it brings in peace, prosperity and happiness to its inhabitants and it starts with precautions at the very onset of your home construction:

Things to keep in Mind:

Pre Construction
Make sure that Bhumi poojan is doen before you start the house construction. This makes for an auspicious beginning and provides a shield against accidents and mishaps during the construction fo the house.

House entrance
The entrance to your house is the face of the house and must be facing east as it is the most auspicious direction. The sun rises in the east and its rays bring along light and positive energy to a household. The only other plausible direction can be northeast. Southwest direction should be avoided at any cost as it is believed to be the entering point for the devil energy and brings along misfortune and struggle as well as legal wrangles and anger.

The next most crucial area is kitchen which is the stomach of the house and the place for Fire. The ideal location for the kitchen is in the southeast and all the cooking should be done while facing east. Another important fact to keep in mind is that the kitchen should never be

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directly in front of the main door of the house because whatever positive energy will enter the house from the main door will not be able to circulate if the kitchen faces the main door.

Master Bedroom
The master bedroom should always be in the southwest corner of an east facing home. Just as the main door (east) signifies the face of the house the southwest direction signifies feet and rest. It is best not to have gizmos like TV or video games in the bedroom as it is supposed to be for resting now for entertainment and recreation. One should also avoid having any beams overhead in the bedroom.

This is another vital point in your home and is important from the viewpoint of both your health and happiness. A toilet should be located in the northwest corner or the building or rooms. If that is difficult you could have a toilet in the southeast. A pooja room or kitchen should not be adjacent to the toilet. The washbasin or sink should be in the northeast, north or east side of the bathroom and the bathtub should be located in the northeast, west or east.



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