How to give antique touch to your interiors

Ethnic Decor Dated:  Jan. 1, 2014
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It has very rightly been said that history does repeat itself. The same goes for decor trends- the change is inevitable. Though most decor trends be there only for a while, yet above all, they be there. At some point of time, the trends become intrinsic part of many a lifestyle and shape up these homes in such a way that there are footprints left on the soil. 

And these footprints compel the trends to bounce back again and again, after every definite period of time. Antique decor style falls in the same line. Despite the recurrence of same decor principles and style, antique decor springs up occasionally, every now and then. Antique furniture and accents have a class of their own which is conspicuous in their state-of-the-art construction. They give a clear picture of ancient India and to some extent come close to restoring ancient thoughts and values. 

You have landed on the right page if you are thinking of going down the memory lane for the upcoming season. Antique home decor is the only way to recreate the medieval magic. Though a mere thought of it makes it a far fetched idea at the moment, yet there are ways in which you can really add antique touch to your interiors. 

Well, most of you might have tried to replicate the trend, yet might have ended up with something far from what you actually wanted. So its time now to leave your doubts away and make the process bigger and better this time. 

Here are the steps- 

Decide the budget: Vintage furniture and upholstery might leave a big hole in your pocket. Well, it depends on how much you are willing to spend. Even if your budget is reasonable, you can get there, however, a wise shopping move is what you need. Decide the

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in the beginning. Budget chart must include everything from furniture to knick-knacks. 

Antique furniture: Furniture is the most intrinsic part of the decor. Equip your living rooms with antique furniture- the one with fancy detailing as found in the medieval era. Wood and metal carved furniture would accentuate the decor quite well.

Vibrant upholstery: When buying the furniture, make sure that upholstery fabric is soft and bright. Look for vibrant colors like indigo blue, coral red, turquoise blue and sunflower yellow. You can team them up with contrasting cushions to play up the scene. 

Paint the walls: Indian antique era was rich and colorful. To replicate the same setting, make sure that the walls are painted in colors that complements the decor style. Embellish the look with antique paintings and venetian mirrors. And not to mention a the grandfather's clock. 

Dress the floor: In golden days, floors were usually seen covered with carpets. Purchase traditional rugs from Kashmir or Persia to get the look. Carpeted floors reflect a very royal look.  

Glitzy furniture accessories: If you prefer neutral shades for furniture upholstery, create the charm with vibrant accessories. Psychedelic mirrored cushions strike a balance with neutral furniture. 

Tall lofty curtains: Replace your old curtains

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tall velvet or silk ones to make sure that your living room looks no less than a king's court. 

Ethnic accents: Antique decor style is almost incomplete without ethnic accents. Market is flooded with various assortment of metallic accents available in extensive range of shapes, sizes and styles. Tall carved vases and hefty centerpieces are hallmarks of antique India. 

Fancy vintage lights: Effective lighting puts a spotlight on all your decor efforts. Install as many as lighting fixtures and chandeliers as you can. Crystal chandeliers with actual candles would just work wonders. 

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