How I designed my 3 bhk home

1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK Design Ideas Dated:  Nov. 21, 2014
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Open Spaces in 3 BHK Apartment Design by: Shahen Mistry

At some point in our life all of us do desire a home and hearth of our own; one which is as per our dreams and desires. Most of us have either gotten a home from our parents, in laws or simply bought one from a builder or the home’s previous owner. In each of these cases the home came as per someone else’s plan and design and quite often does not really fit in with our own projections of an ideal home. I also moved in to such a home post marriage and kept dreaming of a home that would be as per my requirements and plans. Then there came a day when I could actually afford to build a house of my own, as per my own design and specification. It was then that it hit me – dreaming up a home and actually creating one are two very different things. But, I was determined and decided to leave no stone unturned in my efforts to achieve my goal.

Bedroom Design by: Rakesh Kokal

Here is how I went about creating my 3 bhk dream home:


This was the easiest; as I could simply create the entire plan in my mind’s eye. In order to turn it into a reality I took the help of an architect friend. This is the point where I realized that it is not so much about the floor plans, Vastu Shastra and design but how good I was to clearly spell out and draw down my vision. When I had purchased a plot I started clicking pictures of kitchens, bathrooms, walls, living room and bedrooms with my cell phone. I even started carrying a measuring tape with me so I could make out the length and

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of a room that seemed just perfect in its denominations. This helped me give a concrete shape and size to my plans.


Each time I passed by or visited a home, I noticed the placing of kitchen cupboards, the electric equipment points, the height of cabinets and the location of drawers. I also noticed the slope of the floor to help drain the water under the kitchen sink or in the corner of the kitchen. In most middle class Indian homes that I got to see; this was very often a major problem as the water would tend to gather into or around the corners of the outlet, due to the wrong placing of the drain or un evenness of the floor. I found that this can be achieved by keeping the drainage hole at a lower angle and at a lower point by creating a kind of slope all around the drain hole. This was one of many things that I observed all around. Be it a relative’s house or a friend’s. I also asked a lot of questions and sought opinions which were to come in very handy when I built my own home.

Home Automation
Home Sweet Home Wall Decal ( KC062 )
Home Sweet Home Wall Decal ( KC396 )
Idea by: DesignInt


I knew just how far I could go on my own so I engaged a qualified architect and things became much more real. I knew very clearly what I wanted and my architect friend could and did help me in making my design goals realistic. He steered me around the design traps that I could so easily have fallen into.


I wanted 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and an open kitchen with the Living room as the central point. So we started by locating 2 bedrooms on one side of hallway, with connected bathrooms and a 3rd bedroom on the other side with master bathroom. The entry way was opening up to the Living room. My architect friend suggested that I make cut outs of these areas and play around with them till I achieved the perfect plan and trust me it worked immensely well, because I could now involve the whole family and allow them access to the actual planning.

Living Room with Wooden Floor Design by: Shahen Mistry

Floor Plan

If you are comfortable using computer, software then go for one because it will help you see your dream home in 3D. The changes you make in your online vision won’t cost you a thing but if you have to make alterations in your actual home it will cost real money. Be extra careful with the little things like – slope, drainage, lighting, traffic noise and other surrounding realities.


After having laid out the plans and designed it all, it was now time for me to handover the reigns of my dream home to the pros. I now took help of an experienced designer to take over the finalization of plans and work it out with the contractor to turn my dream into reality.

I am not saying that I had a cakewalk with all this planning and designing because all sorts of troubles did arise but I was well prepared and well equipped and I do have a 3bhk home that I always wanted. That is why I would like to leave you with a few tips:

  • Don’t just keep it in your head. Try to keep all your initial plans and wandering ideas, sketches, measurements etc. In one place and have an Excel Sheet on system to record your observations.
  • Don’t forget to figure in things like the parking space, due to the lack of parking most home owners are now including a garage or basement parking in their homes.
  • While giving shape to your dreams and desires, don’t lose sight of the budget.
  • Don’t forget to apply for water and electricity connections and do visit the area planning and zoning office before actually starting off. So you don’t have to redo or demolish any part.
  • Be prepared for all sorts of setbacks and surprises because like it or not they are going to happen and even if they don’t there is no harm in taking precaution. My own experience is that a number of unseen and unimagined scenarios tend to crop up every now and then and may leave you frustrated and fuming.

In the end remember dreams do come true.... so start dreaming of that sweet little home and hearth right away.

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