How to Maintain a Green Home

Green Homes Dated:  March 2, 2015
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green home maintenance

Green houses are the latest trend in urban housing today. It is the need of the hour and many environmentally conscious people are embracing this concept.

The inhabitants of green houses feel more rejuvenated and energetic as they remain closer to the nature while living in an eco friendly environment. Maintaining such a house is very important to keep it efficient and sustainable so that it does not lose its promising green qualities.

LandscapeGreen Home - Bhimtal Cottages

Every building has passive elements and active elements. Passive elements are the ones that are done once at the time of construction, for example - insulation in the walls and ceiling, reuse of materials for construction, design for ample natural lighting etc. Active elements are the ones that require attention from time to time, e.g. - if one has installed solar panels for generating electricity on the roof, after the system starts working, the panels have to be wiped every week to remove the dust collecting on it as it reduces the efficiency of the panel to generate sufficient electricity. Similarly, for solar geysers, the panels need to be cleaned weekly to ensure efficient working. The insulation of the pipes from the solar geyser to the bathrooms should be checked from time to time and any break should be fixed immediately.

Another important feature of a green home is the rain water harvesting which needs maintenance on a regular basis. The collection tank should be checked to see if all the layers are correctly laid and the dirt (if any) should be removed from time to time. Make sure that the ‘khurra’ (outdoor drains) are not clogged and are efficiently collecting the rain water.

villa tatvamGreen Home - Villa Tatvam

Sewage treatment plants (STP) also need regular checks. septic tank should be cleaned and the chemicals that need to be added should be added regularly without fail. Places where phytorid bed are installed needs more attention. Schedule a check once in every 3-4 months and regularly add the chemicals to it for effective cleaning.

Other minor requirements would be regular cleaning of the white tiles/mosaic on the roof. Double glazing, if installed, should be checked to make sure there are no leakages.

All these maintenance techniques are necessary to follow and cannot be ignored for a green house to keep its efficiency to the highest level. These small efforts contribute a lot towards creating an efficient green home and require just a little bit of attention.

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