How to select kitchen countertops?

Kitchen Design & Decor Dated:  Jan. 1, 2014
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Neat flawless and veneered kitchen countertops are preferred by one and all. But most of the times, people seem to see only the look and feel. It's not just the aesthetics that define the material. While selecting a material as a countertop we need to look into more grave aspects- the most important being how durable it is going to be in the long run. 

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While home construction/home remodeling, we come across certain considerations that seem to fret our mind just because we have no idea about them. Selecting a robust material for kitchen countertop is  one of the most overwhelming issues that leave us in dilemma or confusion. The best option is to ask yourself a few questions before selecting the material. This seem to uncover the most ideal options. 

Scroll down the page for pointers. 


Decide a budget: Before heading off to the purchase, decide your budget. You must have a fixed budget scheme for every room. If you don't have, devise it. This is important as it will allow you to estimate the total decor expense. Moreover, once you have a budget plan in the line, you would look for only specific materials that fall in the line. 

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Design and style preferences: No matter whether your mind is preoccupied with a special themed decor or not, design and style preferences are important for every homeowner. The style should depend upon your kitchen layout and the colors should beautifully blend in the existing kitchen decor. You are free to choose anything you like if your walls aren't painted yet. However, make sure that the style chosen by you strikes a balance with the design of cabinets also.


Quality concerns: Next comes the quality concerns which takes into account strength and durability. Make sure that the countertop material doesn't get affected with a mere scratch or excessive heat. In short, the material should be robust and durable. 


Choice of materials:Now , when it comes to the choice of materials, the market offers a plethora of options. If you want your counters to reflect a robust look, go for solid surface ones that are usually a blend of polyester an acrylic. 

Caeserstone Quartz countertop made of polyester and acrylic  Source:


If durability is your primary issue, get yourself a granite one or a marble one that can withstand high temperatures , heat and scratches.

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For aesthetic preference, wooden counter-tops are not bad. The better option would be the laminated or veneered one that features an engineered wood in the core. These counter-tops does not cast a hole in your pocket. Moreover, they are lightweight in comparison to others. 


Where to find them?

If you can't think of any other option, the internet for countertops. You will find the best brands enlisted on the top. You can buy countertops online or search a local store. However, keep in mind all the above points before you hit the store. Visit Anta Overseas  and Sapna Interiors for reference. 

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