Green Shafts or Corners for Small homes

Green Homes Dated:  Dec. 16, 2015
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Small Eco-friendly House Idea

Green laws or open areas are restricted to spaces outside a Bedroom window, Kitchen window, Internal lobby courtyard & to extendable lounge opening directly into large open spaces.

Planning such space for big houses is quite easy, but  “Restriction attracts challenges”. So how about creating interest in small  houses using a Green shaft area!! A chance of another innovative step for all Interior designers and Architects.

Small Eco-friendly House

The challenge here rises for small houses that have dull and dark rooms.

Buildings in Gurgaon, Place I am practicing is facing a challenge of having direct light and look out for each room of a building esp. Residences.

The rules and by-laws binds every house from 3 sides only front and back lawn are the source of breath for the house.People here tend to compromise with rooms having zero natural light and ventilation, so as to cover maximum space allowed by the bye-laws.

As a designer, a responsibility comes in light, finding a solution to such spaces can bring a relief to the “Compromise”.
Delhi NCR as we know is getting crowded everyday, people with large properties enjoy big lawns and terraces, but the majority are deprived of these. Providing this benefit of natural light & air becomes a compulsory concern for a designer.

An introduction of GREEN SHAFT Might solve the problem

Eco Friendly Homes, India

Introducing small open spaces to your Bedroom, Bathroom or any important space of a house can bring in fun & excitement to dull spaces. Referring to interior designing, Articulating & Partitioning can be replaced with such spaces.

Eco Friendly Homes Idea

  • A corner of open space in a bedroom can provide connection to sky to ones most private space.

Eco-friendly House

  • A small open to air patch can bring a feeling of grandeur to small baths.
  • A Gallery of open to air passage can bring light to a dull transition area of an edifice.

Green Home Design Ideas

Green Kitchen Design Idea

  • A green open to light part added to a kitchen brings life to the heart of the cook.

Anyone can pick stuff from a shop & decorate it in one’s room, But sparkle can only be brought by a kiss of nature.

decorating and furnishing spaces

Interior designing is not just about decorating and furnishing spaces, Bringing in solution for light, ventilation and comfort is the best of utlisation of a designing effort.

“Green Shafts” can be low maintenance, low costing and sustainable effort for obvious reasons. In todays fast pace life your home must be that comfortable zone which can pep you up for every next day.

100s of innovative ways are possible to create different treatment of these green shafts. Starting from floors, Green floor, Paved floor, Rough/unfinished floor or even sand floor can do wonder to an interior. For walls, Glass walls, stone walls, wooden left over panels in constructions etc can be used.

Using different varieties of plantation, water bodies or fountains or sometimes just creepers or a combination of them all can bring beauty to one’s space.

Hoping for this slight change to become a necessity in every edifice!!

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