How to Choose the Right Rug Material for your House? - Quick Guide

Product Guide Dated:  May 3, 2016
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Bedform Hand-Woven Wool Rugs

Rugs are indeed a gorgeous addition to your floors. Even when your floors are vibrant and shiny in themselves, a piece of rug can truly heighten the beauty of the room. That being said, a lot of things need to be checked to decide on the right material for each of your rooms according to its purpose.

We here, try to give you the pros and cons of the most widely used materials and where it suits the best so that you can decide on the best one that suits your need and style.


Wool is definitely the first preference one will have for rugs. Nothing can beat the royal charm and warmth it exudes.

So, why - Wool is strong and hence durable, repellent to stains and water to certain extent and has superb insulating properties making you feel warm and cozy walking on it.

Why not - Cannot stand damp and moist places as it tends to absorb humidity. Hence, not a good option for bathrooms and kitchens.

Ideal  for - High traffic areas like entertainment room, doorways or even bedrooms

Goes well with - Wool is a timeless material and therefore compliments almost every style – traditional, contemporary or bohemian.

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Why - The imperial leather can be the perfect masterpiece you will need to enhance the look of the room. From rugged to fine, finished ones, from single piece to chic patchwork ones, leather rugs can perfectly give a manly look to the rooms.

Why not - Cannot stand dampness and tends to wear out if exposed to.

Ideal for -Low traffic area with low furniture, spill free zone.

Goes well with - Any style.  Are perfect if you wish to add a manly, bold and classy touch to your bedrooms or private den.

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Cotton is yet another universal material used for rugs and usually come in flat weaves. Easy maintenance and affordable price make them one of the favorites among the bourgeois households.

Why - Affordable, comfortable and cozy to step on, easy to maintain.

They come in umpteen rich colors and pattern and are light weight.

Why not - Get dirty easily, not durable as the woolen and leather counterparts. 

Ideal for - Kids room, Master Bedrooms etc.

Goes well with - Sleek and slender as they are, these fit perfect in a highly furnished or small room giving a not -so -stuffed feeling.

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Since ancient times, silk has been the choice to give a royal and enchanted look to the interiors.

Why - Silk rugs come with more fine and intricate detailing than the woolen ones. The sheen they have can lighten up the room like a bright light. Lighter than most of the other materials, these can be easily, removed or shifted to any place. 

Why not - One of the characteristics of silk is that it is slippery. Hence, the lighter ones will serve as a good and safe option only with a backing material to hold them  firm and sturdy. 

Regular and continuous footfall can show permanent foot prints taking away the sheen.

Needs professional cleaning

Ideal for - areas with low traffic and furniture

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Other Natural Fiber:

Natural fibers have been the rage lately among house designers. With an excellent capacity to be recycled, these have provided with an eco- friendly and sustainable way of beautifying the home.

Why - Apart from being strong and typically free from chemical processes, these often diffuses a raw, earthy aroma to the space, making you feel close to nature.

Handcrafted jute, hemp and bamboo are traditional masterpieces that have stood the test of time. Hence, can add elegance to any style your house may flaunt.

Why not - As most of them are used in the very natural way they are found, the fiber can be rough and uneven that may not be comfortable to your feet.

Cleaning may pose another issue as most of them are averse to the commonly carried out cleaning style.

Ideal for - Heavy traffic area

Goes well with - contemporary, zen or minimalistic look


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Bamboo Yarn:

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You can rely on synthetics for the reasons you cannot, on others. Being handmade fiber, these are for  rough and tough use.

Why - (For the cons you find in others )– They are durable, strong, cheap and easy to maintain. They are the ultimate choice for outdoors.

Why not - Although many of them mimic the natural fibers in pattern and texture, the feel is inferior to that of the natural ones.

Ideal for - Heavy traffic zone, outdoors,  areas that are wetted frequently.

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