3 Tips for Choosing the Right Wall Lights

Product Guide Dated:  July 25, 2016
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Wall Light

Where there are walls, there ought to be Wall Lights.

Wall lamps are the ultimate lighting solution when every other option fails you.  Wall lights are all you have when your ceilings are low or when your floors cannot make space for a floor lamp. These being an all -rounder do not compromise with style either. A couple of wall lights are therefore a must for every home.  Here are some tips that will help you get the correct one.

Role based model always works

The model/type of the wall light (in fact any light) depends on the role you want it to play. Our lighting needs, and accordingly the lighting options are classified as ambience, task and accent lighting. Wall sconces are one of the most preferred wall lights for any/all of the lighting functions of a room. 

Wall Sconces

Up light sconce makes the room look larger and more spacious while the Down light sconces are great options as both task lighting (for example, reading ) and ambience. The lower the Up light sconces are placed, the greater the upper area is illuminated. Similarly, the higher the Down lights are placed, the more the floor space is illuminated. 

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Up/down walls sconces on the other hand are themselves great accent pieces for walls where no other light reaches (and are therefore usually ignored). You will notice that hardly any other accent piece can spruce up such walls.

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LED Wall LampsLED Wall Lamps
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Lanterns have been one of the oldest yet evergreen forms of wall lights. Although the ancient oil lit lanterns are hardly seen now, the style has ever since remained one of the classics. Lanterns are great options for outdoors areas like veranda, balcony or a gallery that diffuse light evenly all around. These too can however act as task lights, provided they are fixed at correct heights. 

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Be location specific

The size and number of wall lights required depends largely on the location and dimension of the place they are to be used. 

For hallways, foyers and entertainment rooms, one light is usually not enough. Multiple lights, when used, should be at a distance of 5 to 6 feet from each other so as to avoid overlapping of the lights emitted by each of them.

Another common area where wall lights are used is at the bathroom vanity, flanking the large mirror. The lights are preferred at eye level and at both sides of the mirror to provide even and shadow free lighting. 

No matter what purpose you use them for, wall lights, just like any other light, should be at a height which does not blind us with their glares.

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Style quotient

Although many may say that a lighting product just needs to play the function it is meant to, a right style always looks way better than a random pick. Look them with the rest of the space. Do they complement the walls and the decors? Or, do you want them to stand out? 

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From Victorian curves and twists to Mission simple and straight, from antique metals to precious glass shades, the same wall lights can come in myriad styles and forms. Make sure you go with the one that blends with the rest of your space. 

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