How to Clean and Shine Indoor Plant Leaves

General Dated:  Nov. 8, 2016
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Misting Indoor Plant

A healthy indoor plant usually has glossy leaves that have no calcium residue and dust. For your plants to have shiny leaves, it is important to treat them carefully and naturally as possible. Cleaning your plant leaves will not only improve the look of your house but will also help in controlling diseases. While cleaning your plants, you will also have an opportunity to check for pest and act appropriately to control them.

clean and shine indoor plant

Learning to clean your plants is very simple. Very many methods can help you to clean the plants effectively. Today we are going to share with you some of the tips that will help you to clean the leaves of your plants and make them shiny.

What you need to use to make your plants leaves to shine.

In most cases, you do not have to purchase an expensive product to clean the leaves of your plants, as you are likely to have the ingredients needed to make your own. To prepare the cleaning products is very straightforward.

Water and soft cloth:

water soft towel

You will be surprised to hear that you simply do not require anything more than proper cleaning with a damp cloth or sponge. To clean the leaves, you just need to support the leaves with your hands and clean the build up carefully. If your plants have very small or delicate leaves, you can use a soft paint brush or a child’s hairbrush.

Household product shines:

If you have a lot of buildup on the leaves, you can prepare an effective homemade cleaner by mixing liquid dish detergent with water. Look for a sponge and dip into this concoction. Use this to wipe the leaves easily without exacting much force as you could damage the leaves. Ensure you clean both the bottom and top surface of the leaves, as this will also help in to get rid of pests such as destructive spider mites. For the best results, follow with a clear water rinse. If you have never cleansed your plants, vinegar and water mixture will do a better job in cleaning heavy calcium deposits.

Use a milky towel:

milky towel

Another readily available product you can use to clean your plant’s leaves is milk. Look for a large bowl, pour some milk in it, and then dip a towel or soft cloth in it. Rinse the excess milk as you just need a damp cloth not completely wet. Support each leaf with one hand and clean both the bottom and top surface.


misting indoor plant

Regular misting of the plants with water also makes your plants have leaves that appear clean, healthy and shiny. A small spray bottle will help you to mist your plants effectively. Misting your plants regularly helps to prevent dust and dirt from settling on your indoor plant leaves. This will also aid in keeping the plant’s leaves moisturized, allowing them to have a brighter glow.

What to avoid:

You should never use some food products such as mayonnaise or vegetable oil to make the leaves shiny. Although some of these products will make the leaves look shiny, they play a major role in drawing dust, dirt, and pests.

When trying to make your indoor plants leaves to shine, you should also pay attention to stems and stalks. This will help your to control the pests and diseases that may kill your plants. Additionally, remove any dead leaves or branches while performing this exercise. Now that you have learned how to make your indoor plants leaves shine, you can now put these tips to work.

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