10 Tips to create a Peaceful Haven that is our Home

Decor Tips Dated:  March 1, 2016
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Plant in living area design by Ar. Jayesh Shah

Call it asylum, sanctuary or refuge, our home is our ultimate shelter – keeping us safe not just physically but spiritually too. With restlessness and chaos hovering all around us, we cannot afford to have even an ounce more of it in our homes. Peace, in today's world has become a luxury that needs to be brought into with relentless efforts. And home is one place you can call your own, which you can design and decorate to your heart's desire. We are here to give you 10 tips on how to design your house that will make your home your ultimate nirvana destination.

1. Begin with the science of architecture – Vaastu Shastra
Typical to Indian architecture, we begin planning a house or any building for that matter with the tenets of Vaastu Shastra in mind. The science claims to provide a plan that assures to its inmates a world filled with peace, joy and prosperity. Therefore, those who are still in the planning stage, should take advice from the experts and make changes accordingly.

2. Choosing the hues for the rooms
Neutral or earthy colours are usually considered peace giving shades like white, cream, biege, lighter shades of brown. Whether your room is large or small, neutral colours will never fail in prividing a peaceful ambience. This said, darker shades too can be used when complimented with different shades along with a neutral base tone applied across the room.

Peaceful Room DecorPeaceful Room Decor designed by Interior designer Dipen Gada
Peaceful Home EnvironmentPeaceful Home Environment design by Architect Kunal Meni

3. Windows
These days we often refrain from stepping out of the house thinking that the highly polluted air outside may take a toll on us. But it is often the toxic mix of aromas from the kitchen, aerosols and other elements that prove to be more dangerous. Hence try to keep the windows open as much as possible. This not only helps in flushing out this toxic mixture but also allows ample natural light to come inside the room.

Talking about the curtains, the zen style always recommends to go natural wherever possible. Go for natural and light fabric in neutral or earthy shades that is soothing to your eyes.

Large Living Room with windowLarge Living Room with window designed by Interior designer Anjali Jain

4. Sound proofing
If your house is near main roads (which you once thought of as an additional facility), you are sure to be annoyed by the chaotic traffic. You feel restless with continuous honking and screaming that prevents you from getting a peaceful sleep. Sound proofing in such cases is a must. The cheapest way of sound proofing is by having generous amount of curtains that are easy DIYs. Insulation can be accomplished by doubling up the walls and ceilings with dry walls.

5. Warm and soft lights
We all admit that the peace at heart and soul has a direct connection with exterior environment. Anything flashy and overboard can make our inner body restless whether we acknowledge it or not. Task lights, accent lights should replace the regular and excessively used recessed or incandescent lights. Incandescent lights, whenever used should be used with dimmer switches that allow us to control the intensity.

6. Fireplace and incenses
Fireplace are amazing source of light and warmth. If you fortunately or unfortunately live in a cold region, fireplace is a must installation. Apart from giving warmth, the earthy feel infuses tranquility to the room.

Now, if you are in the warmer parts of the world, you can also use large candles (which we attribute to only special occasions) that are affordable and so very effective in setting the perfect mood. To make it more soothing, natural scented variants like the soy or beeswax candles can be used. Alternatively, a soothing potpourri mix with essential oils can provide you with similar soothing ambience.

FireplaceFireplace and incenses
Image source: candles.lovetoknow.com

7. Electronics at bay
If you rewind your day and pay attention to what has been the element that has consumed your energy and left you exhausted, it will probably be the mobile phones or other electronic gadgets – whether at work or at home or both. Remember it as the foremost principle – keep those noisy chatterboxes away. Trust me, your living room will look more serene without that TV.  If you are to have a TV in the bedroom, place it in a position that is away from the direct sight or in a hidden in a cabinet or cupboard. Also make sure to hide those tangled wires out of common sight.

8. Keep the bad omen away
Any element that reminds you of a painful past or is a source of restlessness should not find a place in any of the rooms. This can be a souvenir, show piece or even the usual clutter. Keeping the surface clean and minimalist is one prime act of giving yourself a peaceful mind. Additionally photographs or any element on seeing which your face lights up should get a special corner of the room.

9. Plants and flowers
This is an open secret to creating a fresh and rejuvenating ambience in your house. The more the green at your home, the more the serenity and the freshness. These are not just soothing to look at. Many of the indoor plants also have the ability to purify the polluted air. Flowers, as we know, are the beauties, that fills the room with mystifying fragrance.

Plants and flowersPlants and flowers
Image Source: www.styleathome.com

10. The Feng Shui effect
Feng Shui which translates to 'wind and water' is a concept that tries to bring in balance and harmony to the house or any building through natural elements like plants (mainly bamboo). These are believed and proved to be a harbinger of peace, health and prosperity. Use Feng Shui liberally in your home to create the right “balance”.

Smile!! You are home- A home full of peace, positivity and happiness.

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