12 Decor tips for your tiny studio apartment

Decor Tips Dated:  Jan. 29, 2016
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Studio Apartment Decor Idea

We have a big house and we find it hard to fill it ( with decor). And when we are to move to a small, one room apartment, we are confused how to fit into such a tiny apartment.

Is it always this tough to  settle down in a new apartment or are we ignoring what these confined spaces have to say?

One room apartment may not be your first choice. But if it is the only choice you are left with, do not despair. There are plenty to do that can make the small apartment your 'home sweet home'.

1. Choosing the colour

There is nothing wrong in selecting dark shades for your walls or decor. But  if there are considerable furniture in the room, it is better if there  are some lighter shades to balance out the dark look.

White and soft orange paint wall combinationStudio Apartment Decor Idea
Image source: www.hopkinsmo.com

Mirrors make it bigger

Mirrors, which come in a lot more trendier designs than before, are not only a decorative item but also one which can make a room spacious and large. So, if you feel you have crammed up the room,  make some space on the walls for the mirrors.

Larger windows

Windows as we all know, is better when it is bigger. This becomes more important when you are in a studio apartment. Large windows allowing abundant natural light gives an airy look to the room.

Say no to conventional room dividers

It is commonly seen that to divide spaces and ensure privacy, people go for either floor to ceiling dividers, shoji screens and drape screens in a studio apartment. But many fail to realise that  in this very act of creating specific functional units, we make it look more congested.

Go for a multi utility room dividers like a book shelf or a eating counter which serves you the obvious purpose and divides the space in a unique way.

Studio Apartment Design IdeaStudio Apartment Design Idea
Image source: aszurom.com

5. Space saving furniture

This is one of the obvious tips most of you would have in mind. Space saving furnitures are either those which can be folded into a smaller piece or which can serve you with two or more purpose.

6. Cubicles as bedroom

Some of us pitch for a separate bedroom as it is a place where privacy can be ensured. Well, you don't have to give up your privacy in a studio apartment either. Cubicle bedrooms can be an excellent option in such situations. Moreover, with rolling bedding, you can take your bed to anywhere, anytime.

Cubicles as bedroomCubicles as bedroom
Image source: www.trendhunter.com

7. Use up the walls

Walls, especially in a studio apartment, play a crucial role in home decoration. A lot of things can be placed on a shelves mounted on the walls. Alternatively, inbuilt shelves can be opted which is even more effective in space saving.

8. Functional floor/ area rugs

Floor rugs complementing the furniture it seats can define the functional unit within a large common room. Dining table and  sofa arrangement for the living space are some settings where these can be of real help, in dividing the space.

studio apartment decorStudio apartment decor
Image source: https://decoholic.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/small_studio_apartment.jpg

9. Light up accordingly

As the huge single room is our living,dining, kitchenette and bedroom, it is important that each corner gets the right lighting product. A floor lamp for the living space, a chandelier for dining and task light for the kitchenette is better than a standard type of light all across the room.

10. Climb up to the bed

Prepare for an extra traffic at your room. Use up the vertical space that usually go unnoticed. Beds can be taken to the top.

11. Naturals

Whether you are an ardent nature lover or not, making space for some indoor plants and flowers will only make the room look more welcoming and warm.

12. Photo Lines
When your walls had served you so much as a space saver, you might be treating it hard if planning to hang heavy photo frames. Instead clip it to a string and give it a funky look.

Studio Apartment Decorating IdeaStudio Apartment Decorating Idea
Image source: https://homedecorationmodels.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Studio-Apartment-Decorating-Ideas-How-to-Decorate-a-Studio-....gif

Follow these tips and with time you may create some of your own.

Keep your thinking caps on. Studio apartments will not be an option you will be running away from if you get it right.

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