5 Quick Tips to keep your house warm this winter

Decor Tips Dated:  Oct. 9, 2015
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Bedroom Lighting

Wow its winter and we have cozy surroundings. We suddenly start to love bonfires and pull out our sweaters. Time goes by really fast but the season shows its effect in the least of time. Reluctant to move out in this chilly weather, home becomes our favorite destination. But only a cozy interior giving out warmth is a favorite. Here are some few tips on how to usher in the heat in winters.

1. Deal with Dark Colours:

Darker shades have a tendency to trap sunlight and therefore keep the surroundings warm. In the hard-to-move-out weather, coziness is what everyone desires. Shades of brown, black or royal blue keep the room heated. However, these darker shades can be mixed with lighter hues to avoid the oh-so-dull atmosphere.

Dark shades BedroomDark shades Bedroom
Image source: decoist.com

2. Comfortable Floor Mat:

Walking barefoot in the home is one of the most detested things in winters but one cannot always wear footwear. A fluffy, warm and voluminous floor mat makes it easier to step down from bed or a couch. Not only do carpets lend comfort in winters but also add on to the interior of the house.

Floor MatFloor Mat
Image source: nicedeal.sg
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3.  Fill the Fire Place:

A space for fire in the living room makes the house a paradise. Fireplace is the most sought after and loved zone when temperature dips at an alarming rate. Fill the fireplace with dry logs to continue the heat therapy. However, houses that do not have a separate fireplace may use the space at the back of their house or under the staircase or simply make stove of their kitchens the fireplace to warm them up.

living roomLiving Room Decor
Image source: moderncountrystyle.blogspot.com

4. Watching for Windows:

More than the doors, it is the window which brings in the cool breeze making us tremble and shiver. Therefore, watching out for the window area is a must. Carving out windows where maximum sunlight can reach through them is praiseworthy. Heavy curtains preferably darker shades and with opulent fringes look good. Bare windows during daytime and drawing curtains in the evening should be the routine.

curtains designCurtains Design
Image source: restorationhardware.com

5. Lighting Lightens Cold:

One must not switch to excessive but accurate lighting during winters. Lights keep the room warm. Bulbs are preferred to other lights. A chandelier with aromatic candles can also be opted, for both, to spread scent and distribute coziness across the room. A table lamp or wall lamps have the ability to give out warm glow coping up with cold outside.

bedroom lightingBedroom Lighting
Image source: homedit.com

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