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Vastu Tips Dated:  Dec. 31, 2013
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Are you looking forward to purchase a plot to build up your own castle? Well it's a huge decision . But before you plunge ahead and  invest all your hard earned savings it's better to get the plot evaluated by the dogmas and tenets of Vastu principles, which in return would ensure a calm and peaceful environment to live in. 

 Importance of Vastu. 

  • Why would you prefer Vastu tips to select a plot of land?
  • What are the benefits of it?

Vastu, suggestions for plot selection is based on several factors, which includes  the position and direction of the plot, shape & surroundings of the plot, and many more.

One should not neglect the importance of inspecting a plot before purchasing it. This process holds immense significance because once you construct a house in an unstable land as per Vastu standards, it becomes very much difficult and in most cases it becomes impossible to correct and to rectify the negative energies  present in the plot. 

Check out some Vastu suggestions for plot selection:-

  1. It is very important that the plot you choose doesn't have an irregular shape. Prefer square or rectangular shape of plot.
  2. Do not ever choose to live in a place that was previously a crematorium or a burial ground. As per Vastu guidelines this type of plot is not suitable for living. 
  3. Vastu suggests  to buy a plot that has the main entrance in the Midwest or in the northern portion of the plot.
  4. If you can find a plot, facing the main road from all sides, do not wait any longer, go and get it, it's the ideal location as per Vastu. 
  5. Vastu suggest different directions for people with different occupations, it says people with different services are affected by certain directions, for instance if you are a business man, then
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    a plot that faces south. If you are a teacher or a philosopher a plot facing east is considered favorable for you.
  6. Avoid the plot to which rain water falls, from the neighboring roof. 
  7. According to Vastu rules, a fertile plot with a surrounding greenery is considered auspicious. 
  8. Do not buy a plot which is small and is situated between two large plots, for it may bring poverty. 
  9. Avoid purchasing a plot with obstructions like tall buildings or towers on the north, or northeast sides,  because the sun rays will be blocked. However such buildings on the south or west sides are auspicious as they may bring health and wealth.
  10. Do not ever buy a place near a butcher shop or a laundry.

The above Vastu tips can help you in selecting a plot with full of positive vibrations. However it is always good to consult a Vastu expert for more details. 


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