Cafe Imperfecto, New Delhi - Imperfecto, because perfect is boring

Design Reviews Dated:  July 9, 2015
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A yellow colored building with a distinctive exterior and never ending stairs leading up to the third floor is what makes Imperfecto stand out. Located right at the beginning of Hauz Khas Village, it proves to be extremely accessible and the bright exteriors are welcoming. The theme behind the entire café is clearly visible: Perfectly Imperfect. Though the climb is pretty tiresome, the design team has ensured it’s still entertaining. There are unique installations all the way up to the top! There’s an installation with a combination of various locks and one with a pink colored scooter mounted on the wall!

scooter mounted on the wallHanging Scooter

Imperfecto has been designed and conceptualized by their own in-house company, "Imperfecto Designs". It is headed by Nuria Rodriguez Parra who also happens to be the Head Chef! Each and every design and item of décor is a figment of her creativity. The inspiration for the café is Spain. Everything: right from the interiors, the cuisine, the arrangements and even their music, has a touch of Spanish culture.

Spanish culture living roomCafe Seating

As soon as you step in through the Emerald Green doors, the feeling of being in paradise washes over you. Even with a soaring temperature outside, the interior is exceptionally cool, calm and dim. The first thing that caught my eye was the stream flowing across the café right in the center! The water flowing gently with mild splashes just added to the serenity of the ambience. There are tiny bridges on which you can walk over to reach the other side.

Imperfecto CafeCafe Seating

The lighting in the café is dim, yet there is ample amount of sunlight as there are huge French windows with no curtains! There are pipes painted in red and black on the ceiling which impart a rustic appeal.  A unique item that has been used in abundance throughout is Hay. It certainly is common in  Goa, but is exotic when used here in the heart of Delhi. Hay adorns every wall of the cafe. The clever use of hay makes the atmosphere relaxing.

imperfecto cafe interiorWall Decor at Cafe Imperfecto
Cafe LightingNight Lamp

The concept of Order among chaos is evident in the seating arrangements. Each sitting arena has a unique combination of chairs and a distinctive table. Some of them are wooden chairs while others are sack covered ottomans with colorful cushions. Though every arrangement is different, everything is in harmony. Nothing seems to be out of place!

sack covered ottomansCafe Seating

The artwork adorning the walls  have been made by Ms Nuria Rodriguez Parra. There are also small installations in the corners, ranging from kettles to an old telephone. However, the most interesting installation is the bicycle mounted on the ceiling, right at the entrance! There’s also a white auto rickshaw mounted right on top of the café’s terrace!

artworkWall Drawing at Cafe Imperfecto
bicycle mounted on the ceilingHanging Cycle

Stairs located right next to the bar counter  lead up to the rooftop area. The upper floor has an attached  balcony and thus adds to the surreal ambience. There is also a platform for live performances by music bands! The genre usually played is jazz.

Cafe TablesCafe Tables
Auto rickshaw mounted on the terraceHanging Auto at Cafe Imperfecto

An exceptionally different feature about the café is the extravagant use of plants! There are plants everywhere, all around the café. Not only adding to the color scheme of green and red in the interior décor, it also helps in cooling the place.

Straw-bale WallStraw-bale Wall

Already an extremely popular retreat amongst people of all age groups, this is an excellent place to relax and let loose. The staff is also very customer friendly and ensure that your comfort is taken care of. People looking for a place to get away from all the chaos, this is surely the ‘perfectly imperfect’ destination! In the words of café owner Mr Sharad, Imperfecto: because perfect is boring.

Co-founder of Imperfecto, Sharad Madan ( center) and teamCo-founder of Imperfecto, Sharad Madan ( center) and team
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