5 Awesome Indian Home Decor Ideas

Ethnic Decor Dated:  Aug. 27, 2015
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Ethnic Decoration

Gone are the days when solid colors were the only available choices for Indian homes.   There was a period when people refrained from using intricate and ethnic Indian motifs in their homes with a fear of being “too Indian” .Today, using only solid colors for a room can even lead to a décor disaster! The new look that is currently trending is the use of “Desi motifs”.

Art on the wall-

Wall paperArt on the wall

The trend of leaving the walls bare is long gone, the new and upcoming rage is having an wall either painted in a different ‘pop’ color or getting it wallpapered!

Creativity on cutlery-

Creativity on cutleryCreativity on cutlery

Ethnic designs on cutlery depicts intricacy . It also symbolizes royalty . Such cutlery adds to the “Indian charm “ of the décor.

Ethnicity in furniture-

Indian Home Decor IdeasEthnicity in furniture

Furniture made in the tribal areas and villages of India are certainly the most authentic pieces. Yes, they are  a little on the higher end of the budget but are certainly worth the price! They are hand made and every nook and corner is precise and neat.

Traditional Patterns on linen-

Traditional Patterns on linenTraditional Patterns on linen

Plain old colored or plaid sheet for your bed aren’t in the limelight anymore! Instead ,the curvy delicate motifs of Indian art are the centre of attraction! These aren’t just beautiful but also add depth to the décor!

Indian centerpieces-

centerpiecesIndian centerpieces

Desi décor is incomplete without Indian centerpieces. These centres of attraction could be anything that symbolizes India or a culture of India. Using pieces of art from different parts of the country adds up to the diversity factor as well!

So, lock away the plain and plaid and bring the “Desi” hidden in you!

The Indian Queen Radha – Artwork
Indian Solar Diya Lamp
Indian Vessels I Poster
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