Indian Style Home Decorating Ideas

Ethnic Decor Dated:  Aug. 28, 2014
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Designed by: Interior Designer, Sandesh Prabhu

Home decor comes naturally to most of us Indians. Almost always, while on a vacation, we pick up novelties that would look great in X spot of the Y room in our house. Why shouldn’t we! We love our lovely homes and make them lovelier so that we can love them more. Circle of love, I’d call it! So why do we need to find Roman, Spanish or Mediterranean influences to decorate our lovely homes? India is a land so full of heritage, that we hardly need anything more than local arts and crafts from various parts of the country to accessorize up your dream home. While there are various ways to go about it, here’s how we suggest you get cracking.

1)    Rajasthani Dewans: Rajasthanidewan sets and ornate chairs which are often used as props in traditional or period drama film sets serve as  wonderful accents in homes. These chairs or dewans can be upholstered with rich cloth like velvet or silk in warm colours like red, orange or magnolia. You can also raid old carpets, sarees or bedcovers for the same. These can be a wonderful embellishment in your house and provide to it an ornate, ethereal look that remains royal for ages.

2)    Wooden Swings: Full wooden swings inside homes have been a trend for a long time. Rich wooden swings are a fashion statement and a chill out zone in homes. These can be decorated with good looking fabric and cushions and you’re good to go. Dark wood polish for your swing-set, and maintenance drive every two or three years will suffice and make your swing a stylish entity in your home.

3)    Upholstery and Furnishing: Furnish your living area well. For those of you who have a lot of metal work going on in your

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room, you might want to experiment with colors like maroon, bright yellow and orange. Use reds, yellows, maroons and oranges in your living area. Explore the idea of silk curtains. These days, faux silk is available in furnishing shops too. These are much cheaper than real silk, and you can’t really notice the difference either.

4)    Wall Art: The idea of wall art can be explored in a very creative and beautiful way. For those who have watched the Harry Potter films, there was a wall painted in the Black family household depicting the Black family tree. You could do this in your home, painted on a traditional Indian palace. Great way to utilize a bare wall in the Indian way, right?

5)    Flower Arrangement: Somehow, vases and flowers seem indispensable for living rooms. Nothing encourages positivity and radiates happiness in a family like flowers do. You could arrange long-stemmed flowers in vases, or put them in crystal bowls with water, or just have a lot of them in ceramic jugs. You could also place flowers and candles together in bell metal bowls called the Uruli. In each of these ways, nothing livens up your space like flowers.

Decorate your

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the Indian way. The theme is one that’ll always leave room for improvement and increment. Enjoy your decorative journey!

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