Indian Style Living Room Designs

Living Room Design & Decor Dated:  Aug. 28, 2014
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Designed by: Interior Designer, Shalini Baisiwala

We the people of India love our together time with friends and family. Quintessentially called an ‘adda’ in the colloquial of the two Indian languages that I know! And do we Indians love our adda. We talk about everything ranging from people to places to things to ideas. For the same reason, we love our living rooms. A place to sit and get chatty, enjoy the festivals, watch a film together or push the furniture aside and perform the Diwali Puja together. Typically, the baithak or the living area is the biggest area in most Indian homes. We’ll show you a way to decorate your Indian baithak in the most Indian way possible. Here goes!

1)    Wall color: Nothing decides the attitude and funk factor of your home more decisively than the colour that you decide to smatter your walls with. If we’re looking at authentic Indian interiors, colours like ivory, beige, white, peaches or oranges could be your calling. The base paint could be done in one of these colours, leaving you to work upon the wall decorations later. These colours complement Indian décor accents very well, bringing out the richness of our heritage really well.

2)    Material: You will need to decide upon a central material for your living room, next. Glass and wood are both expensive and high-maintenance, but classy. Veneer is much less expensive in comparison to wood and glass, but also much less glamorous. Rich polished wood, teak or rosemary are great options. They, with their beautiful polish, go great with the Indian overtones. A combination of dark wood polis and tempered glass would be considered perfect for your desired Indian design.

3)    Furniture: If you’re going with a plain wood theme, intricate Kashmiri carved-wood furniture would become it best. Rajasthani or South Indian wood work, in all its could also do your living room a lot of justice. Dewans, traditional sofa sets, big chairs and swings would be the first pieces of furniture that you would fill up your precious living room with. If you plan to do glass-on-wood, the options are a little more modern. Glass can be used as tabletops and cabinet doors. 

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4)    Storage: Storage units are such an important deal today, when space is at an all-time crisis. Wall mounted storage units like cabinets are desirable in the sense that they are functional and save space. Glass or wood brackets in the corners are also useful spaces that you can use to showcase the beautiful artifacts that you’ve amassed over the years on various holidays.

5)    Wall Decor: This is yet another area to accessorize and go creative. You can try a textured look for your walls, which can look really classy and beautiful. Add ethnic wall hangings and give an edge to your Indian style living area. Decals and murals could also be done to impart an ethereal look to your space.

6)    Floor: The floor in your living room is as essential as any other part of it. Pink Marble can do a great in binging out the richness and texture of your ethnic Indian interiors. Wooden flooring is a great option to explore if you haven’t gone all out on wood with your furniture. Pick up separate carpets, rugs or mats in interesting coloursfrom furnishing fairs or flea markets and lay them on different surfaces according to the colour of the space and the mood.

7)    Lighting: Descended lighting is a great idea when it comes to Indian style decorating. The warmness of the walls and that of the décor are well brought out by accent lighting or pendant lighting. Ornate lampshades on intricate lamp-stands are a great option to consider for Indian style living rooms.

8)    Accessories: Accessorize. Fill up the area with different vases, ornate or otherwise, and deck up your space with flowers. Faux flowers work just as well. You can also throw metallic figurines around the area. Pottery, wooden or glass décor accents are a great idea to liven up the space.

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