11 Interior decoration products that can change the look and feel of your room

Decor Tips Dated:  Dec. 29, 2015
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Once we have our dream house, the next big task we have is of beautifying it. Often we are skeptical about  buying stuffs that might become outdated with time or loose their sheen  easily.

And being rational thinkers, we would want something that would  be of some use apart from just a decorative item so that there won't be a clash for space between the utility products and the decorative ones. If you find yourself in the middle of such a situation, the following article is for you.

Here are 10 Interior decoration products that will ease your task of choosing the right one.

1. Paintings:

Farmer PaintingBuy this painting – Farmer
Product Featured: Farmer
From: VV Swamy Arts

We have always had a soft corner towards painting and our love for paintings will never die down. Paintings are one form of art which can express emotions that a thousand words will fail to.

This unique combination of colours and textures depicts the rural serenity of our country and the depth of its attachment with nature. It also shows the growing use of technology in the rural area.

Have this at home and you will have your guests marvelled at  this piece of art.

Terracotta Surprises:

Terracotta, which translates to 'Baked Earth' in Italian has been and will continue to be an art form that will always find its place in a true art lover's home.

2. Murals:

3D Wall MuralBuy: https://www.zingyhomes.com/products/roops-collection-terracotta-wood-terracotta-3d-wall/B018M2T99U/
Product Featured :Roops Collection Terracotta & Wood Terracotta 3D Wall Mural
From: Roops collection

Interiors can be well defined by enriching the walls with paintings and murals. 3D murals bring the walls to life.

This marvellous Terracotta and wood mural needs little description. Enriched with intricate detailing depicts stories of our rich tribal heritage-something we miss to recognize.

3. Flower Vases:

Flower VasesBuy: https://www.zingyhomes.com/products/exclusivelane-terracotta-handpainted-warli-vase-round-white-6/B00G9T2I7Y/
Product featured: ExclusiveLane Terracotta Handpainted Warli Vase Round White
From: Etail Marketing Pvt Ltd

'Flowers are the music of the ground, from earth's lips spoken without sound '.
Flowers are such beautiful and delicate creations of God that sends the message of love and peace.  And to hold such angelic piece of beauty, you would never want anything less heavenly. In short, a well crafted flower vase can add glory to the flowers and beautify the room just as these flowers do for the garden.

A handmade terracotta flower vase showing warli art form - perfect for a table top decoration. Also an ideal pick for gifting.

4. Shelves:

Earlier wall mounted shelves used to be one bland piece of wood or steel that would completely take away the charm of our walls. Even our expensive paints would loose its lusture with those gloomy shelves. But we hardly had a way out, right? But not anymore. Today, shelves can outdo many of those expensive decorative items.

The one shown below is one such 'out of the box' shelf design.

Shelve DesignsShelve Designs
Image source: https://billydsgn.com/futuristic-interior-design/residential-interior-design-awesome-ultra-modern-home-furniture-decorating-interior-design-pictures-ideas-products-futuristic-retro-polyester-furnitures-house-designing/a

This honey comb inspired shelf cum ultimate wall piece is the only thing that you need for your room to make a bold statement. Go for the colours that is a perfect match for your walls.

5. Clocks:

Clock- one which makes you realise the time gone by and yet holds the same importance as ever- as though it has nothing to do with time. This inevitable, irreplaceable instrument we have at home can be made a style statement and given back the importance it once had before the arrival of various time telling machines.

Kairos Telescopic Retro Flip Down ClockBuy Kairos Telescopic Retro Flip Down Clock
Product Featured: Kairos Telescopic Retro Flip Down Clock
From: Just for clocks

This ultra modern crossroad clock will be a perfect choice to give your living room a contemporary look.

Who had thought that we could have a crossroad at our home -to tell us the TIME  !!

6. Candle Holders:

Stylish pendant lights, luxurious chandeliers, efficient CLFs and LEDs - we have the best of the lighting products, but we all love the way  candles lit up  our life.  This makes it worthy to have an fitting companion - a perfect candle holder.

Now, how a candle holder can be a cynosure is shown below.

Logam Contemporaray Moroccan Tea Light Votive Holders( Set of two)Buy: https://www.zingyhomes.com/products/logam-contemporaray-moroccan-tea-light-votive-holders-set/B015XOXMWK/
Product Featured: Logam Contemporaray Moroccan Tea Light Votive Holders

This pair of candle holder with delicate floral pattern elevates the richness of the light coming through.Even without the candles burning, these look fabulous.     

7. Dream Catchers:

To have a bad dream haunting you is the worst of things that can happen. Well, we have figured out a way to get rid of that too-hanging a dream catcher by the side of our bed ! But, have you ever noticed the charm of a dream catcher? They are such elegant handing bunch of beads, feathers and fabric that gives a cheerful, sanguine look to your bedroom. This can be the perfect item to ornament your room besides keeping those evil, scary dreams away.

Dream CatchersAvailable at: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/big-pink-goose-feather-Dreamcatcher-Ethnic-Indian-Wind-chimes-dream-catcher-gift-Household-interior-car-accessories/32367808965.html

8. Photo Frames:

Photos are the hard copies of our cherished moments of happiness. And we all take great pride in sharing  our happiness to the world. Why not  frame it in a way that will not only keep those memories alive, but also adorn the walls? Let the walls too  get their share of happiness.

photo frames wallstickerBuy: https://www.zingyhomes.com/products/trees-with-photo-frames-wallsticker-ay803a/B00GZK9KBY/
Product Featured: Trees with photo frames wallsticker AY803A

The frames here are arranged as parts of a tree - making the wall a canvas that add colours to the entire room.

9. Table Lamps:

Things as basic as table lamps are now in the top list of decorative products.  With scores of designs, shades and shapes, these do deserve the honour of being labelled as a decorative item.

Table LampsBuy Double Key Geometric Lamp

White shade coupled with stylish curved shaped transparent body makes it more than just a table lamp.

10. Sculptures:

Sculptures have been a part of home embellishment for ages. Placed either on a table top or as a standing masterpiece, sculptures  will never cease to grab the attention of your guests. Leave alone guests, its sometimes hard for the owners to stop gazing at the beauty.

SculpturesBuy: https://assaggi-di-me.blogspot.in/2013/05/home-decor-sculptures.html

A metallic curved platter supporting the tender shoots  swaying in the breeze-reminding us the famous lines by John Keats-'A thing of beauty is a joy forever'.

11. Wind chimes:

For many of us, wind chimes are the memories of childhood fantasy.
Those slender or otherwise, metallic or wooden dangling bunch of prettiness,  producing melodious and soothing music can be a sure shot item for decorating your home. After all, childhood memories are worth cherishing for a lifetime.

Wind chimesBuy: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Wrought-Iron-Indoor-Outdoor-Decorative-Feng-Shui-founeture-Windchime-With-Maple-Leaf-a-Bird-on/1840508001.html

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