Interior Design for 3 BHK Apartments

1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK Design Ideas Dated:  Aug. 28, 2014
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Designed by: Interior Designers, Seema Shukla

3 BHKs are the new order of the day. Most apartment builders in most parts of the country these days offer 3 BHKs as their standard, flagship variety, and why not. Given that the system of a joint family has shrunk to nuclear families consisting of a couple with one, maybe two kids and their parents- that being the closest to the traditional family system. Newlyweds and young couples these days are opting for 3 BHKs more and more for the sense of peace - a kids’ room if they have or are planning children, a work space/ library/ media room and of course the master bedroom. In case the kids are not in the equation, then that room converts itself into a guest room. We take you through the décor of each of the rooms that could be placed in a 3 BHK. Prospective Home buyers, here’s your cake - Grab a slice!

1)    The Master Bedroom: The master bedroom is one of the first places that you should design in your house. Let it be the best space in your house. Firstly, an attached bathroom is very much desired. If you live in a hot and humid part of India, getting an Air Conditioning system will be a necessity. We would suggest you to get a false ceiling, at least in this room. It helps you with the acoustic nature of the room, soundproofing it more or less. Also, a false ceiling helps air conditioning work in a better way. Another plus of having a false ceiling is that you can have little accent lights that’ll be way more in place in a bedroom than loud, blazing lights. Then, select a solid bed, folks. Solid wood is way better this way. Believe me, it is better to shell out

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fortune for a strong bed than to break your limbs as a result of scrimping on this massive investment. Make sure you select a colour theme for your bedroom. Having a dresser, a nightstand, a little table to write your diary and a beautiful cross between a chair and a single sofa are your bedroom extras. Light up those candles for the magic!

2)    Media Room/ Entertainment Center: If one person in the house is a film or video gaming freak, he or she will probably want this area in the house. You can make a simple room, with very minimalist décor and make it the most visited area of your house. Paint the room spotless white, throw in a few bean bags, one couch, a big LED TV, a Home Theatre system, a DVD Player, a Gaming console and BAM! You’ve achieved the ultimate young couple’s paradise. Unwind here with movie marathons on your weekends and play some games together on weekday nights to chill out together. It’s a good, nay great, idea to soundproof the room. Air-conditioning is a must with all those heavy duty devices heating up the area.

3)    Library/ Work Space: If reading is your calling

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you’ve stocked up a mini library in the first quarter of a century of the life that you’ve lived, you will probably want to show your treasures off. Create a beautiful library area with dark, burnished wood, the smell of polish and the smell of those tomes blending in perfectly with each other. Descended lighting will do great justice to this space. Create an equally beautiful work station where you can spend some afternoons working at home. A dream hangout for a nerd, right?

4)    Kids’ Room: If you’re planning or have children, one of the above two will probably have to be struck off for this. Create a tot corner, make sure it is sufficiently ventilated, safe enough to leave those naughty munchkins alone, and a haven that they’ll enjoy. Of course, all your plans for décor for this room will vary according to the age bracket that your kids are in. Plan accordingly and make this the cutest space in your house.

5)    Guest Room: A guest room is very much desired in your house for visiting parents, friends and relatives every now and then. Of course, this is an option that you venture out into only if space is at a premium. Mostly, guest rooms these days are pull-out sofa sets in your drawing room. But if you’re more traditional, you can always set up a pretty little guest room. Have some easily available or recycled furniture thrown in, paint it in a sweet colour, put some flowers and candles around, and you’ll have a lovely space for campers! Great way to welcome people, hands down.

We suggest modern décor for the living area, thematic if possible. Scatter the area with accents from various places in the world and experiment with various styles. An open kitchen looks great and complements a modern 3BHK like nothing else. Add a breakfast bar to it and spice up the place as much as possible. Make sure to get the right kind of appliances for each of these areas, and your home will be your source of pride and joy to you for life.

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