Recreating Kerala at your Home

Regional Architecture & Interiors Dated:  April 21, 2014
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A Kerala courtyard

Kerala Architecture is one of the most intricate styles you’ll find around, yet, the simplest. The ease and the simplicity of this style of home décor get combined to give youthe most enchanting effect. In this article, we talk about how you can recreate Kerala in your home.

Walls: If we’re talking about home décor, let’s start with wall décor. Kerala homes usually boast of very simple colors on the walls. Ivory white, pineapple yellow, and other hues in white are the ones that will help you do the basic framework before you set out to recreate Kerala! Adorn your walls with paintings for a bright look.

Verandah: Verandahs are a very important part of Kerala architecture. Usually, the verandah is at the center of the house, and is an open space, with a view of the sky. You can adorn it with plants, some lovely woodwork and a stone-cut fountain if you wish, and it will be the center of attraction in your house.

Stairs: Simple, yet ethnic stairs are a common sight in a Kerala home. If you live in a duplex style apartment, you can incorporate metallic spiral stairs in your décor, which give out a lovely Kerala vibe.

Doors: A Kerala home usually has a very ornate, heavy wooden main door, with very ornate handles. Get your main door especially fashioned by your master craftsman of a carpenter. The door reflects the style of your home for what it is.

Wooden Furniture: Your Lovely Kerala home is incomplete without wooden furniture. Get your sofa set, center tables and side tables designed in wood, simple yet functional. Adorn them with colorful upholstery, and you’ll have a lovely sitting area. The bedrooms look great with the same simple wooden bedstead and bright furnishing.

Metalwork: You will find every South Indian home decked with ornate

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Kerala, well, is even more so. You can buy figurines and other metal lamps, chandeliers and other decorative accessories from antique stores. These are very interesting artifacts which adorn the otherwise simple Kerala home. The uruli, a shallow bell-metal bowl that can be used to decorate your space, is another gift from Kerala to the world! Fill it up with water and throw some fresh flowers in to create a lovely accessory.

Jhoolas: A Kerala home is incomplete without the presence of a lovely jhoola, decorated with colorful mattresses and cushions. Besides being a wonderful home décor accessory, it serves a spot to chill in your home!

Pillars and Archways: A Kerala home is adorned with a lot of solid pillars and ornate archways. These beckon your guests into an otherwise sparsely populated and simple home, dismissing the possibility of any kind of clutter and balancing your décor.

Lighting: Recessed lighting looks great in your Kerala-themed home because of the hues that are used. Do justice to those carefully chosen metallic accessories, paintings and wood ware by using yellow lights as much as you can. Accent lighting is also a great idea to uplift the look of this theme.

Kerala home décor is

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yet ethnic, trendy yet traditional. Use these ideas and more of your own to arrive at a beautiful fusion that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

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