ZingyDesign Meetup - First of its Kind Interior Design Meetup in India

Events Diary Dated:  July 11, 2015
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ZingyDesign Meetup, July 4, 2015

‘ZingyDesign Meetup’ is an initiative by ZingyHomes and the primary idea is to create forums whereby the design community gets a platform for enriching each other with information and connect with fellow designers. These meetups would also majorly focus on setting a foundation for building future client-designer relationships, wherein the end users get a platform to interact with the design community and get their basic queries addressed.

ZingyHomes' Nivedita giving presentation at ZingyDesign MeetupZingyHomes' Nivedita giving presentation at ZingyDesign Meetup

The first two-hour meetup was organized by ZingyHomes in collaboration with School of Design, Pearl Academy, Delhi on the 4th of July 2015 at Pearl Academy. As it was deliberated to be a pilot event, it was kept open for people from all the fields. The meetup saw 22 participants ranging from architects, product suppliers, civil engineers, design students, professors to interior designers of high grades and brands. The event was  moderated by Ms. Madalsa, a practising interior designer with an experience of 32 years who owns her brand ‘Madalsa’ as well. Other professionals include Ms. Vinita, an experienced interior designer and Ms. Seema, the owner of IDEA Kitchen. ZingyHomes showed its presence through Ms. Preeti Markan, the founder and Ms. R. Niveditha. Other enthusiastic participants were Ms. Renuka and Ms. Rashim, faculty members of Pearl Academy and young architects like Mr. Sahil.

ZingyHomes' Nivedita making a presentation at ZingyDesign MeetupZingyHomes' Nivedita making a presentation at ZingyDesign Meetup

The event set off with Madalsa’s thoughts about the need for such meetups and she pointed out that she wished to create a revolution in the interior design industry by working out solutions to  the challenges faced by designers in India. She also added that the interior design community ought to congregate, decide and materialize the decisions taken

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the meetups. She said, “Work together for a better change”, for which the whole crowd showed positive acceptance. Sahil seconded her statement with a note- ‘Change can also be brought at the grassroots level’, which meant changes in design education. Another design student added that students are indirectly pampered in some schools and all through those years of education, they tend to lose their responsibility towards design. Renuka took this to a professional level by raising the act of plagiarism happening in the interior design industry, for which the practising interior designer Vinita responded. She said, ”Through my thirty years of contribution in the industry, I have always made sure there is not even a slight imitation of my previous works in any of my new designs.” The crowd appreciated her and gradually diverted the chat towards most of the Indians having an obsession for foreign designs and stuff. The task of replicating foreign brands in interior design makes it easy for a designer, gives financial satisfaction, but never design satisfaction. Sometimes, it gets difficult for end users or clients to even accept Indianised design versions of the same foreign brand. Then one of the end users raised a
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“Instead of bringing down the levels of satisfaction of both designers and users, why can’t the same brand owners abroad create and supply the same designs in India?” It was  then rightly pointed out that such a solution would be against the ‘Make in India’ revolution which the country is all set to start. Few designers agreed that similar designs could be one of the solutions but they stressed that the same ought to be of the Indian touch. Clients are of the first priority and in such a case, the aspect of design sacrifice peeps in. Hence, the clients or the end users need to be educated about design. This turned out to be a major topic of discussion for a while, because educating the end users about design, designing and designers can keep both the designer and the other party at good levels of satisfaction.

ZingyDesign Meetup, July 4, 2015, New DelhiZingyDesign Meetup, July 4, 2015, New Delhi

According to Seema, ”Do your designs better, become a brand and the clients are definitely with you”. Madalsa stressed, “I have a very beautiful house designed by me. I have used all possible old and efficient materials in my design. Anyone who visits my house goes out of words to appreciate and I feel lovely about it. But, when I try to sell the same design, it doesn’t work and nobody wants to buy. Why??! When there can be organic farming and organic food, why not organic design?”

ZingyDesign Meetup on July 4, 2015 at Pearl Academy, New DelhiZingyDesign Meetup on July 4, 2015 at Pearl Academy, New Delhi

The event ended with Niveditha’s presentation and explanation on ‘Why networking is important for designers in today’s world?’ The presentation majorly stressed the importance of internet and made the audience realize that internet is the current sensation. Online networking for designers could yield unexpected positive results helping them with leads and new business relationships. She added that designers could use the medium of internet to keep their presence online by updating the users or clients through their skills or works, hence achieving more business leads.

ZingyDesign Meetup - ZingyHomes' First Interior Design Meetup held in New DelhiZingyDesign Meetup - ZingyHomes' First Interior Design Meetup held in New Delhi

It was concluded that the core problem of plagiarism, educating the users about design and the difference between interior design & interior decoration are the issues to be addressed.

Participants at ZingyDesign Meetup, New DelhiParticipants at ZingyDesign Meetup, New Delhi

ZingyDesign Meetups shall bridge the gap between interior designers and end users and shall have two part agenda - a) a speaker will talk about a design case or issue followed by a group discussion b) q&a with general public.

The meetups will be held on first Saturday of every month from 3pm to 7pm. To book your space for the August event in Delhi, signup here. The Meetups will soon be held in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai and Kolkata. Keep watching this space for more updates!

Participants at ZingyDesign Meetup, New DelhiParticipants at ZingyDesign Meetup, New Delhi

If you are an interior designer and wish to volunteer to be the MeetUp moderator in any city, give us a shout at +91 8826 175930.

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