Interior Design Story - Summer House Cafe

Design Reviews Dated:  Feb. 16, 2015
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Summer House Café

When we reached in the open lawn of this gorgeous Summer House, the sun up high, I was awestruck by the ambience. It was just beautiful. Stretched over two floors with wooden interiors, easy chairs and throwback couches, the cafe has a perfect laid back atmosphere. Its rustic yet warm and colourful interiors make one feel right at home.

The restaurant is on the first floor with balcony and a terrace. Ideally located right at the beginning of the road leading to the chaotic Haus Khas Village. I was happy to note that we were able to get parking, so important to set the tone for the experience at any restaurant or cafe!

I was very impressed by the decor of this cafe which is very relaxed and specially the terrace which gives you the impression of a shack on the beaches of Goa. The bar is straight from the land of sins - Thailand done perfectly with blue lights which add to the ambience and charm of the open terrace.

The food on offer is a culinary delight of American comfort food coupled with delectable cuisine from all over the west, all perfectly complimented with a large menu of exotic as well as popular cocktails.

If you want a heady mix of cool, contemporary, relaxed ambience and good food, head to the Summer cafe.

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