Interview: In Conversation with Interior Designer Meenu Agarwal, Founder of MADS Creations

Design Chat Dated:  Sept. 21, 2015
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Interior Designer: Meenu Agarwal

Meenu Agarwal, an award-winning interior designer, is the founder of MADS Creations, a popular Gurgaon based Interior design firm that specializes in residential segment. The firm has successfully completed nearly 150 projects in the NCR region.

MADs Creations has bagged three prestigious awards so far, namely – Global Lifestyle Award 2015, Reality leaders summit and awards 2015 and World Wide Achievers Award 2015.

In this interview, Meenu talks about her personal & professional life, about her firm MADS creations, her style of work, execution principle and her dream project and more..

Luxury bedroomLuxury Bedroom Design Idea - Central Park Resorts - Mr Krishan Kumar

Could you tell us about the person in you, other than the interior designer?

As a person, I am quite family oriented, but that doesn't stop me from keeping up to my professional commitments. As a mother of two daughters, I feel fortunate to have the house errands keep me attached to them. Also, I firmly believe that the more I travel, the newer the ideas I generate. Travel and food has no bounds for all the new ideas I get to implement in my cooking as well. Lastly, I love spending time with my Guruji, who has been my source of inspiration, support and motivation after I lost my father many years ago.

Marble Granite Dining Table SetsMarble Granite Dining Table Sets - Central Park Resorts

The firm's name- MADS Creations is quite different. Could you explain a bit about it?

Good question. Interestingly, we wanted the following elements for our studio’s name : “Paagalpan” or passion; Family association and the fact it should have some design elements. MADS denotes madness about creativity; it has my family as Meenu Agarwal, Drishti and Srishti (my daughters) and finally design element of Meenu Agarwal Design studio. All this combined has given us this name called “MADS.”

Boys Bedroom Design IdeaBoys Bedroom Design Idea - Spa next - Residence of Aman/Shweta

Our readers would want to know about how you have evolved in the field of design through these years.

Over the years, I have realized the importance of functionality over aesthetics. And my functionality does not miss out on even a sq. m of the space in a residence. As everyone knows, a 'house' becomes a 'home' when it reflects the client’s personality, behavior, position, power etc Considering this, I feel color and lighting are crucial components to build the right ambience. Also, the appropriate choice of materials has to be in line with client's requirements. Collating all these aspects is what makes a designer a designer.

traditional dining table setTraditional Dining Room Interior - Aster Street

Your execution principle – 'Go & see reality' and 'attempt' to know the truth. We would like to know more about it.

As a concept based interior firm, we believe in “quality over quantity” and when it comes to documentation and processes, we are ruthless about it. We base our solutions on actual reality and truth on ground. This explains it all.

Every designer has his/her style of work. Likewise, what is your style and philosophy of design?

My style and philosophy of design is 'Concept interiors', which is constantly evolving and relies on research and experience to understand how people are influenced by their environments. Our design team has invested years on understanding the most recent industry trends, exploring new designs and engaging well with clients.

Family LoungeFamily Lounge - Parkview Spa

You have recently been awarded by leading industry events for your excellence in functional interior designs. We would like to know more about it.

The Worldwide Achievers Realty Leaders Awards highlight important elements of real estate practice such as commitment to service, client satisfaction, innovation, professional development, community involvement and contribution to the profession. Worldwide Achievers Real Estate Awards is a world-renowned mark of excellence. The other one is Prime time’s Global lifestyle award which recognize designers for their outstanding work in the area of improving lifestyles. We have been awarded the 'Best Emerging Interior Design Firm in NCR.'

Could you tell us about the fascination you have got for custom furniture?

Efficient usage of already available standard modules of designs is a desirable. But, creativity is at its best when it comes to customizing the design and hence I utilize this freedom of designing  with high levels of responsibility.

Large Living RoomLarge Living Room Interior - La Lagune

You have been excelling in the field of interior designing all these years. Which is your favorite project and why?

All the projects seeded, designed, executed and supported by me. Whenever a client engages with me, he is engaging me to create a piece of art and every art piece goes through similar levels of dedication; commitment and creativity. The best and the most favorite ones are created when clients give you the complete freedom to design.

How would you like to be known when you hang up your boots?

Firstly, I would love to continue creating till my life allows, as an artist never retires. I wish to be remembered as an artistic designer, who has helped in all ways of creating beautiful spaces to live.

Master BedroomMaster Bedroom with wallpaper Design Idea - Bestech Parkview Spa Next

What could be your dream project?

My dream project would be a white canvass with no boundaries to my creativity. I would love to work with people who appreciate; respect my creativity and give me freedom.

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