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Design & Decor Selfies Dated:  Jan. 29, 2015
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Bar seating

As soon as we arrived at this terrace in Bangalore, we understood how precious the quiet feeling was of that beautiful rooftop placed in the middle of such a crowded city. The view is amazing. So the first thoughts were to keep the 360 degrees view, and this outdoor fresh atmosphere.

terrace seatingDesign by Architect: Sara Tilche

That is why we decided to go for a complete outdoor space, just putting a high roof to make it liveable and work with a garden to create more intimate areas. The main decision was to place the kitchen block in the middle, without blocking the view of any sides and having a richer and more various way of perception of the cafè.

terrace dining area

It's also a way to show how we cook and care! The space change while you are discovering it, there are a lot of different roof heights and materials. Where the floor is higher we went for matti wood floor that creates a warmer feeling. In the open air parts, it is cement and in the niches the cement takes a yellow colour, it's just one space but full of variety.

bar seating

A good part of the terrace is covered by a high and light roof, that protects from the heat and from the rain. Were the roof is lower it becomes a glass roof, leaving the possibilities to look at the stars.

terrace seating

Illumination is punctual and warm, some spot lights in the garden, candle light on the table and a stronger illumination in the services areas. Every furniture is an old piece, with its own story, that we have customized.

This gives a special soul to the place as well. Everything is unique. On the wall there are old frames that we catched from bazars and some big prints sharing Indian moments of life. Art pillow and small wooden sculpture enrich the atmosphere.

Sara Tilche & Gregory Bazire Architect Sara Tilche & Founder Gregory Bazire
Berger Silk Designzz
Berger Silk Luxury Emulsion Scratch-resistant, Bio-resistant Paint
Berger Silk Luxury Emulsion Scratch-resistant, Bio-resistant Paint
Cafe Poster
Machine Made Bricks
Made in the Shade Wall Decor
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