Iron Man Mansion - Modernist Design with a Superhero Twist

Design Reviews Dated:  June 17, 2015
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From American Psycho to Diamonds Are Forever, modernist architecture in cinema has long been associated with psychopathic personality traits and dubious morality. One recent exception to this rule is the popular Iron Man franchise, whose hero Tony Stark lives in a Lautner-esque mansion atop the cliffs that fringe the Californian coastline.

Iron Man Mansion

Iron Man Mansion 1

Iron Man Mansion 2

Purportedly situated on Malibu’s Point Dume, scenes featuring the property were actually shot on location in Es Vedrà: the small island that sits to the southwest of Ibiza. Boasting stunning sea views, an infinity pool and a dedicated helipad, the real-life mansion was conceived by Italian architect Michele Massa with the goal of creating a building that blended elements of contemporary architecture with aspects of traditional Ibizan design.

Tony Stark's House

Tony Stark's House 1

Tony Stark's House 2

Nestled amidst Es Vedrà’s rugged cliffs, the property is instantly visible when approached from the sea, its white-stone walls and floor-to-ceiling windows glistening beautifully in the Mediterranean sunshine. Combined with a large internal courtyard, every inch of this building has been designed to make the most of the unique light that has attracted artists and creative types to Ibiza for generations.

Iron Man

Iron Man 1

Iron Man 2

Inside, the open-plan layout, neutrally coloured walls and low-level furniture help to create a sense of space, while the curved glass windows offer superb panoramic views of the White Island. These also contribute to the illusion of a seamless transition between the Ibizan landscape and the home, and the lines of the building are designed to mirror the contours of Es Vedrà’s sharp cliff-face.

Tony Stark's House Design

Tony Stark's House Design 1

Tony Stark's House Design 2

For a limited time only, Ibiza Summer Villas is offering holidaymakers the chance to book a stay in this stunning property: a prospect that will hold equal appeal for Marvel fans and architectural enthusiasts.

Iron Man Mansion

Iron Man Mansion 02

iron man aeral

Of course, such a vacation doesn’t come cheaply, and prices are only

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on request. Still, if you’re looking for a holiday home that will be of as much interest to you as it will be to your children, reserving a spot in the “Iron Man Mansion” may just be worth the investment.

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