Jain's Villa- Minimalist yet Tasteful!

The Story of My Home Dated:  March 25, 2014
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The architecture of this villa resembles that of the old brick houses usually found across the housing avenues in Irish or British counties. The two storeyed villa is beautifully textured on the outside and is equally beautiful inside.

The Marvelous Exteriors 

Let’s take a peek into this spacious South Delhi home that is designed passionately by an architect who has reinterpreted the traditional elements with a contemporary charm.

As I was led indoors by the very warm and vivacious Mrs. Jain, I felt an equal dose of warmth in their interiors. Their entrance door opens to unveil a space governed by the sun, the moon and the Ganesha.

The Vastu Wall 

This is what the family calls their Vastu wall. Alongside, there was a spiral staircase ascending up the first floor. The marble staircase incorporated wooden handrail and balusters. The space under the staircase was done in an eye catching way. A golden laughing Buddha figurine sat on a pedestal, right in front of the entrance door and under the staircase.  

The Staircase 

What I liked about this home was its warmth that was preserved regardless of the use of whites everywhere. And thanks to minute attention to natural lighting, the spaces looked even more spruced up. Donned mostly in white, the interiors embraced the neutral tone and were accentuated by furniture in neutral brown tones. And there was no sign of clutter- I found this interesting considering there is a toddler at home!  There was ample space within and yes, the mother-in-law, daughter-in-law duo had a smart way of arranging things. 

Soon, Mrs. Jain's daughter in law, who is a designer herself, joined in the conversation and showed us around the house. She firmly believes in leveraging natural lighting and open spaces. According to her, perfect lighting highlights the space and introduces a new charm. 

A sliding glass door, right opposite the staircase was slid sideways to reveal a classy dining space where the family dines together. A huge rectangular dining table with impeccable Italian marble table-top occupied the centre with swanky dining cabinets resting on the wall.

The Dining Space 

Polished in rich dark wood, these cabinets matched the brown dining table. An arched doorway separated the dining room from the living room. 

The living room, according to Mrs. Jain, was the only space where most of the renovation was done .It exhibited a modern feel with the walls done in neutral textured paints. Two pillars were aligned opposite to each other on the corners corresponding to the left wall and were separated by an amber colored painting that seemed to dilute the dullness. The room was mostly drenched in whites, golden beiges and tans.

The living room

And when the curtains were pulled away, the front lawn came into the picture, bringing in the soothing effect of nature. Two tables with white Italian marble table-tops, kept at a considerable distance occupied the innermost positions and both the tables were flanked by tufted sofa sets in golden beige and chocolate brown. Gold and multicolored silk cushions accentuated the sofas even more.

The Painting

The tables were inlaid with “Mother of Pearls”. Then there were the side tables-decorated with figurines of Shiva and Buddha. Sitting in the living room, I could really feel close to Zen culture- the earthy tones soothing the soul to a great extent.

The other end of the Dining Room had a glass door that opened into a large space which was used as a seating area - a hangout zone for the family. I had this view about Decorative glass doors that they are outdated.

Decorative windows 

But honestly, the fancy doors went well with the plain walls- and here, at this place, it seemed like no other door option could beat this one. Jains seem to have revived the apparently outdated concept and I loved this part. And not to mention, beautiful palms behind this seating space give a great view!

A door on the right opened up to reveal a spacious kitchen equipped with enough storage racks. Again, the theme adopted was tan and brown.

The Kitchen 

Two gas stoves, each with multiple hobs were embedded on the granite countertop to ease the entire cooking process when there are a number of guests to be entertained. The kitchen also served as a store room as Mrs. Jain mentioned. 

The Master Bedroom

The master bedroom was huge yet hadn’t undergone any revamp since a long time. Since there was ample space, Mrs. Jain wishes to bring in a few seating furniture. Then there was the master bath- an enormous one I must say!

The Master Bathroom

There was an ethereal air about the space that exhibited a very Zen look and feel. The space also served as the powder room for Mr. Jain. 

The daughter in law’s room was up the stairs- right on the first floor. The landing was quite spacious and was well laid out with a few couches so as to dilute the whole dull feeling which would otherwise have cropped up.  There hasn’t been any renovation done after the glass ceiling top was camouflaged with concrete mortar. However, when the glass panel had been there, the sunrays used to fall headlong and thus there was ample light inside.

 Staircase landing on the 1st floor 

There were two rooms on the floor. The one on the right was her bedroom.  The bedroom was vast yet uncluttered- with everything intact. However, there was a complete new air about the room-it seemed to have captured the warmth within; and all the other elements were working together, in conformity with each other, to set that pristine mood. I would call this a Zen setting, not because it was clean and minimal, but because a feeling of tranquility that was automatically induced and felt as soon as one entered the room.  

The Daughter In Laws' Bedroom

The impeccable bed with swanky headboard was designed by the architect’s son who had designed most of the interiors including the living room. She loved this bedroom for its ambience, and yes, lighting played a vital part. She had always wished to have a comfy bedroom with perfect lighting and this was no less than a dream for her. 

The bathroom wasn’t as spacious as that of Mr.

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downstairs, yet was beautifully maintained. There was a shower enclosure instead of open bath/tub and hence the space was completely moisture free. 

After living in the joint family for a couple of years and watching things getting revamped in front of her eyes, the daughter in law was well versed with home décor and maintenance. Here are some nuggets of advice she would like to convey to every homeowner out there. 
1.    No matter what the area is, rooms must be spacious and well ventilated.
2.    Lighting is important- you must know how to tweak it to bring the best results. Effective lighting can accentuate even the dullest space.
3.    Try to get rid of clutter- A clutter free space is loved by one and all.
4.    Since bedroom is the only personal space for the people living in joint families, it should be comfy and inviting enough to provide warmth and comfort. 
5.    Go for tall doors. It gives an illusion of height. 
6.    Bathrooms- Equip them with ample storage. 
7.    Go for cubicles/shower-enclosure spaces to get rid of moisture in bathrooms. 

However, she gives all the credits for their home design

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planning and décor to her in laws, who, according to her, have done a marvelous job at creating a solid, enduring structure with interiors that suit the family's needs. As we were leaving, Mrs. Jain suggested they might be revamping some parts of their home very soon, I guess I should stay in touch to bring the new version of the story – a before and after! 

Well, you can quote your inputs in comments! 

Photo Credits: Riku Sharma

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