6 Japanese Terrace Garden Ideas

Outdoors Dated:  July 14, 2016
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Japanese Terrace Garden Ideas

Having a terrace garden not only enhances the architectural beauty of the house but also has a plethora of advantages, both in the short and long term.

The technical advantages of having a green roof include that it:

 Reduces heating, and can also reduce heat loss and energy consumption in winter conditions, filters pollutants and heavy metals out of rainwater and it helps insulate the house from noise!

Trying to incorporate the Japanese culture while designing a terrace garden can work wonders as it can add a touch of serenity, natural beauty and a gush of freshness to the garden. The simplicity of Japanese elements are calming. The Japanese cultural elements can be incorporated in many places across the garden which not only make the garden that much more rejuvenating to be in but also add the authentic ‘closer-to-nature’ approach deeply rooted in the Japanese culture.

The things needed to be taken care of, while trying to implement a Japanese style in the terrace garden include carefully composed arrangements of rocks, water features, moss, pruned trees and bushes, and uses gravel or sand that is raked to represent ripples in water.

A few elements/ideas that can be incorporated in the terrace garden designed in authentic Japanese style are shown below.

Japanese Terrace GardenJapanese Terrace Garden
Image Source: s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com

A water-work, with a thin stream of water dripping from bamboo can add a wonderful touch to the serenity of the place along with keeping the place cool with flowing water, even though it is a small addition to the architecture of the garden.

The ripples of water recreated in sand or gravel are shown below

Japanese Terrace Garden IdeasJapanese Terrace Garden Ideas
Image Source: naturesdoorways.tumblr.com

You wouldn’t want to step over it but it definitely makes for a simple and beautiful ground work to admire while enjoying a cup of coffee during the evening! 

Terrace Garden Terrace Garden
Image Source: www.architectureartdesigns.com

Have those flower plants, Japanese style!

 The Japanese rock garden, often called a zen garden can also be included in a small space on the terrace to beautify the space and also have flower plants carefully or artistically organized to enhance the aesthetics.

Terrace Garden Design IdeaTerrace Garden Design Idea
Image Source: s-media-cache-wak0.pinimg.com

Who insists on having the regular, boring flower plants in the terrace space? You can twist the norms and try putting them up in Japanese style by trying out new ideas, one being shown above.

Terrace GardenTerrace Garden
Image Source: www.gardenoholic.com

You can feel nature at your heels! You don’t have the only option of walking on the grass to be able to do that. Trying these rock-steps in the walking space of the garden will add elegance, beauty and will be an amazing detour from the regular garden designs.

Japanese Terrace GardenJapanese Terrace Garden
Image Source: www.yahomey.com

This is another idea where rocks, pebbles and plants replace a normal pathway in the garden to add a Japanese touch to it.

Japanese style terrace  gardens are an absolutely good option to go for, if you need a space which helps you find solace but at the same time, makes you feel included and ‘in-touch’ with nature. Many ideas can be inspired from the Japanese culture and inculcated in the terrace garden in an amazing fashion which would make for a pleasant, serene and refreshing  garden you could sit in and enjoy in the early mornings or after a hectic workday. 

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