Kalpana Pandit's Contemporary Beach House Apartment is Designed by the model herself!

The Story of My Home Dated:  Aug. 21, 2014
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Kalpana Pandit

You may or may not have heard this name but may surely have spotted this face in few TV Commercials and Bollywood movies. Kalpana Pandit is one of the premiere stylists in the industry who carries the fashion statement quite well.

She began her acting debut with the Bollywood movie “Gaja Gamini” in 2000. Theraefter, she gave her special appearance in many Bollywood and Telugu movies. Kaplana Pandit has found her way through the fashion industry in a way which very few models can do; she has always been a quintessence thanks to her flawless beauty, a farsighted vision, confidence and of course the inborn talent.

It may come to you as surprise but she hails from a Physician family where everybody is a physician including Kalpana! She has been working as an Emergency Physician in the USA.

Few of her hit movies are - Janleva 555, Love Khichdi, Panithuli (Tamil), Anubhav. She has also worked in many TV Commercials like Wheel Detergent powder, Nyle Shampoo, Mysore Sandal Talc, Sirtex, Ranipal Stain Remover.

Her other dream came true when she started her own production house named as ‘House of Pandit’. In 2008, she hosted the technical awards ceremony of Zee Cine Awards in London. In 2013, she served on the celebrity Judging panel of “Miss World 2013” held in China.

Her talent and hard work through all these years have well paid off. Kalpana received “Best Actress Kannada” and “Actress/ Independent New Producer Award 2013” along with “Shiv Rajmudra Chatrapati Shivaji Award Mumbai 2013” for “Janleva 555".

Since you have known enough about the talented celeb now, let’s take a deep breathe to dive into her awesome interiors. The talented model does not compromise with her décor at any point. We were more than just privileged to know about her swanky décor style.

As one enters your

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what’s the best thing one can notice according to you?
I redecorated my apartment as soon as I got it and converted it into a spacious and minimalist loft. So, as soon as one opens the front door, a beautiful pristine feeling of clean white marbonite mesmerizes them.

I've placed mirrors which reflect the ocean and you can see that breathtaking view as soon as you enter.

How many rooms are in your house, since when are you staying here. Also why you did chose to stay here?
Home is where the heart is, so it honestly doesn't matter if it’s a big or small place as long as there is happiness and peace in the home. My lovely seaside apartment in Mumbai is a two bedroom two bathroom one and I love every corner of it! It has a beautiful view of the Arabian Sea from all sides and it’s my dream heaven! I have stayed in it since my journey in films began so it’s very close to my heart!

Is there any particular theme in your house, which you have followed while decorating it?
As I mentioned above, I am totally into pristine white decor, with shining reflecting marbonite

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the floors, milk white walls and ceilings. As an artist, I think a white palate inspires my creativity. I love splashes of color with cushions, bed sheets and curtains. 

What are the colors you have played with on the walls?
Completely white! I also love to play with placement of mirrors so that it reflects the nature of the outdoors into the indoors and it’s a brilliant way to create the feeling of huge space.

Can you describe your taste in furniture, paintings, decorative and they are picked up from?
I love picking up sleek glass seven steel basedfurniture. My taste is very contemporary. I like clean geometric lines and no elaborate designs at all. For me, the house should be a place where with minimal effort everything looks spick and span with beautiful welcoming spacious feel and that’s why I don’t like to fill my house with too much furniture.

I love utilizing veridical space in the house very wisely with tall custom made cabinets so that everything that I own can be neatly organized and stacked in all the way up to the ceiling so that there is no wastage of space.

Although I love to admire beautiful paintings, I don't collect them. For me, my only play on walls is the placement of mirrors.

What’s your most cherished piece of painting or home decor item? Where did you pick it up from and why is it so special?
As I said above, even though I admire great art, I don’t collect it. Because I travel so much and also because my apartment is by the seaside, it might destroy lovely art pieces due to the salty and humid air.

I keep my home very simple and easy to maintain and my most cherished stuff is my collection of colorful cushions and linens and bright and happy curtains which make my house a home.

Your favorite possession would be? 
My favorite possessions are the beautiful memories of Family photo albums and Family videos. They are so precious.... Also my other favorite possessions are the DVDs of my films starting from Gaja Gamini, Moksha, Pitaah, Om, Praan Jaaye Par Shaan Na jaaye,  Love Khichdi, Jo Jo Laali... all these are from my great journey in Bollywood! Other than these are my tons of collections of inspiring stories and photos from magazines thru the years. I have amid boggling collection which makes me feel great every time I look through them.

Your favorite room in the house would be? 
I totally love every room in my house...My house is my heaven of peace and rejuvenation and I can’t pick one room as my favorite. They all are! 

What about corners? Any favorites here?
I think my most peaceful area is the Home Mandir where I feel it is full of pristine divinity and I get my strength from my Pooja every morning.

Describe your living room for us?
The living room is all white with a gorgeous view of the Arabian Sea from large Bay windows. I have a huge low level sofa couch where I love to relax and read and watch all the latest promos and songs of Bollywood in.

My friends really love this room also because it has a great vibe to it. It doesn't even need a fan or AC, because the cross winds from the sea side make it constantly breezy and cool.

Can you describe your bedroom for our readers?
My bedroom is very simple and minimalist. I love to lounge there reading all my favorite magazines and listening to soft music and the sound of the surf and sea from my window. It’s a place that gives me a feeling of Zen and harmony.

Can you describe the other rooms or decor in your house?
Well, the most beautiful and blessed feature of every room in my house is that it’s designed to have a full view of the Arabian Sea from all sides. I think that's the most magical thing of all. At sunrise, the east facing room gets bathed in soft white light reflecting on the shiny marbonite while I play divine shlokas on my CD player. It feels so peaceful.

In the evenings, the glow of sun setting over the Arabian sea reflects a soft orange glow on my living room where I love to chill after a busy day's shooting, listening to soft music.

I have an open kitchen connected to my loft like living room so it’s just this huge space to relax in.As I make coffee I can see the birds chirping from my kitchen window and the boats out on the morning sea. It’s a breathtaking sight!

Both my bathrooms are fully tiled in white so that they are bright and clean. I love steel fixtures, so all the faucet and geyser fixtures are steel.

Can you describe your garden area for our readers?
In Mumbai, garden space is very limited. At least for me, with my busy lifestyle, I don't have time to maintain a garden. But the building itself has a lovely well manicured lawn and lovely bushes and trees which I can enjoy when I walk downstairs.

How do you maintain your house?
I love to keep my house sparkling clean. I'm so busy usually that I have a wonderful helper who comes everyday and she helps me maintain the house.

Did you hire any pro? If not, was there any thought process involved in the decor? 
Absolutely not! I am so house proud and not only that I truly believe I have great taste in decorating my own house. I instinctively know what will suit each corner of the house. So I'm very proud to say I designed my house interiors entirely by myself, including turning the whole place into a spacious loft feel.

I did talk to Vaastu Experts and took their advice while redesigning the house because I believe in traditional sciences quite a bit.

How often do you revamp your interiors?
Well, that depends on what I am feeling at that particular moment. I keep rearranging the furniture according to my moods all the time. I don't spurge on expensive stuff. I love to have lovely simple splashes of happy colorful objects which are easily maintainable.

What’s your message to other homeowners?
Make your home a heaven of peace, harmony and a place to energize and return to the world the next day completely rejuvenated.

Don't buy unnecessary expensive objects just for the sake of it. Keep your home clean, simple and organized so that you can lead a great and progressive life. Your home should be your source of complete safety and strength. Make sure it suits YOUR personality so that when you reach home each day you can leave all outside tensions behind and breathe freely and relax! Have a wonderful life beginning in your homes! Lots of love always....

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