Interior designing - done in Kerala style

Regional Architecture & Interiors Dated:  Jan. 14, 2016
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Kerala Style Interior

Those who have visited Kerala- the pristine God's own country, will have a bag full of memories and inspirations to take back home- The food, pristine natural bounty, marvellous palatial architecture and much more. For those who have opted for a home stay, the experience is only richer as they get a  closer view of the culture,  tradition and cuisines.

As is Kerala famous for its mouth watering cuisines, so is it for its architectural taste- inspired and influenced by both the ancient royalty and the Europeans. Every tastefully designed home - whether of the recent times or the ancestral ones, will have a touch of age old architectural techniques and elements which, with time, gets more trendier.

Just like certain ingredients are unavoidable for making a perfect cuisines, there are certain elements that you will find common- although in different versions and styles.

1. High ventilation

Blessed with a  pleasant, moderate climate through out the year with a few days of  exceptional heavy rains, Keralites love to have expansive windows and ventilators in every single room.

High ventilationHigh ventilation Designed by Architects Lijo and Reny

2. Indoor courtyard or nadumuttam

Nadumuttam which translates to centre courtyard, is one of vital spaces that one can see in a Kerala styled home. The centre inside the house  is made into a natural courtyard by either leaving the space empty or having a 'tulasi tara' (a structure on which sits a Basil plant) that bears great religious importance in Hindu mythology. The courtyard  bordered with huge pillars are usually left open upwards.

A traditonal nadumuttamA traditonal nadumuttam
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Even now, centre courtyards bear the same importance in Kerala interiors, although  with an evolved structural design. The low lying space is either furnished with tiles or stones or made into an indoor garden with stones and pebbles to keep up with the contemporary look of the house. The space vertically above the courtyard is either not roofed at all or are done in a way that allows natural sky light in.

Kerala Interior DesignKerala Interior Design
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Kerala Style InteriorKerala Style Interior
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3. Evolving styles for stairs

Interiors of a Kerala house will inspire you to experiment. It is hard to find two houses having their stairs made in a similar design. Some, like to blend the ancient model into the contemporary while others go for a complimenting style.

Evolving styles for stairsEvolving styles for stairs Designed by Architects Lijo and Reny

4. Majestic doors and windows

This is probably one of the striking interior elements of a house done in Kerala style.The doors and windows are considered to be of great aesthetic value. The doors, especially the main entrance door and windows are given a majestic look with intricate detailing and carving. The style indeed changes from time to time with each one becoming the latest trend in interior designing.

Kerala home door designKerala home door design
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5. Love for wood

Wood ( of various types) is given  utmost preference for the interiors in a house in Kerala as it is regarded as the finest material for home decor which is so versatile that it can never be outdone by any material – in look or  durability. Either its the door and windows or the wardrobes or the stairs- wood is so in love with these homes.

No wonder, tourists, both national and from abroad would find a a wood furniture store at every nook and corner of the streets.

The need to be 'close to nature' is what inspires the designs of  Kerala house. How they attain them is what make them stand out.

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