Key to great lighting but reduced electricity bills at home

Home Lighting Dated:  Jan. 4, 2014
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Since the curve of inflation has been reaching a new mark every year, it has been difficult to predict what the future has in stores. And in every household, it is the surplus household expenditure that keeps on increasing despite the efforts undertaken to control it. Now, have you ever wondered what constitutes the maximum portion of your expenditure? Surprisingly, in most of the homes, it is the electricity bill. And shockingly, most people complain that this is something that they have no control over.

When it comes to lighting fixtures, we won't mind going overboard and looking for the best in the town. But at times, usually due to lack of ideas, we fail to measure the cost-effectiveness associated with the lights we buy. According to a survey, about 25% of avg home energy budget is consumed  by  lighting fixtures. Incandescent light bulbs in various assortments of colors and designs impart a whole new aura to the living space. But are they really cost effective?

So the crux lies in finding the lights that illuminates the space without consuming enough power. This article acquaints you with cost effective lighting schemes, which would decrease your bills to a considerable extent. 

First thing- Get rid of the unwanted

The first step towards energy efficient lighting is to get rid of all the incandescent bulbs in your home.  These bulbs use up excess energy and ultimately escalate the electricity bills.

The Solution?

Since energy saving has become a prerequisite for every household, various smart energy saving options have been introduced in the market. Even the bulb manufactures have switched to the production of energy saving lighting fixtures in order to meet the demand of the customers. The best part about these fixtures is that they light up the room with brightness no less than their incandescent counterparts. Also, you would notice a considerable drop in your electricity bill over the time you have switched to LEDs and CFLs.


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Everyone out there is familiar with fluorescent lights. CFLs are miniature version of these lights which emits the light that looks no different than of an incandescent one. They are usually twisted or bent into lamp sockets. The best part about using a CFL is that it is about 4 times as efficient as incandescent lamps and uses about 60% less energy. Well, if you are looking forward to meet your decor aspects, substitute your incandescents with CFLs in table lamps, ceiling downlights or recessed lighting fixture. You will find various assortment of CFLs in the market.




LEDs are tiny, solid bulbs with diffuser lenses usually clustered together to emit energy efficient lights. There are reasons why you need to switch to LEDs. Here are the benefits-

These bulbs are about 10 times as long lasting as fluorescent bulbs.

In contrary to the incandescent bulbs, these lights does not up.

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LEDs do not have mercury or filament unlike other bulbs

Using only 2-15 watts of electricity, these bulbs are one of the most efficient lighting fixtures of present generation.

Buy Lighting Products with Certifications.

Last but not the least, always ensure that you buy lighting products with certifications which include FCC, Energy Star and UL. Certified products are reliable when it comes to energy efficiency.

Buy Environment Friendly Lighting Products

Even if you are buying an LED or a CFL, ensure that the bulb is mercury free and have low carbon footprint.

Best Brands

Everlight , Osram and Epistar are LED brands with absolutely high efficiency and CRI above 80.These lights generate very less heat. Apart from these, you can also consider Pharox from NTL Lemnis.

Where to find them?

Though online stores are brimming with energy efficient bulbs in all sorts of colors and designs, you can also find them in the local stores across the street However, do check for certificates and carbon footprint mark.

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