Kids Room Design with Bunk Beds

Kids Room Interior Design Dated:  Aug. 28, 2014
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Designed by: Interior Designer, Hameeda Sharma

Young families planning to have children, or ones already with children, have a lot of dreams when it comes to their kids’ corners. Colour, designs, styles, bunk beds or regular ones, Blue n’ Pink or all out girly they will be likely to be discussing over meals and on drives. And oh boy, if you already have little munchkins expressly asking for what they want! I remember asking my mom for a glass door, Uncle Scrooge posters on the walls of my room and a bunk bed for the new baby we were expecting. All this when I was some 5 years old! Yes, you’re right. Big opinion and bigger demands. While you can talk your kids into some kind of a status quo, their demands are pretty important as far as décor is concerned. Bunk beds are hugely popular with kids, unless they are afraid of heights.Let’s look at some kids’ room décor ideas which are inclusive of the kid favourite bunk beds!

1)    Placement: The placement of beds is essential from the point of view of your kids’ safety. If there is a ceiling fan in the room, make sure the bunk bed is far away from it. I mean it, far away. Children have a way of getting a little too excited, flying hands et al, and you do not want that eventuality to chance. The beds are best attached to walls, to protect your little angels from toppling off. Apart from that, placing bunk beds close to the walls lets you expand the area of the room, the study area, the play area, etc.

2)    Wall Decor:  Wall Decor in your child’s bedroom, when bunk beds are in it, can be made in an extremely well-thought out, exciting way. Decals or murals could be made on

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walls adjacent to the beds in a thematic manner such that the walls and the beds combined, say a story. The decals or murals could be anything ranging from your kids’ names on scrabble tiles to a flight of butterflies in your little girls’ bedroom. This is a chance to get solidly creative, so strap on your decorator boots and spur on!

3)    Windows:  Another important thing is to make your windows well placed. Having cross ventilation is a super- desired feature in your dream kids’ space, because I feel nothing aids a child’s growth as magically as natural surroundings. Make sure that the space cannot breached from outside, and that will be enough. Having an air conditioner is fine for the summers (most of the year in most parts of India) but limit its usage to the days when it’s absolutely essential. Keeps the space breezy and light and nature-y while helping your kids have strong lungs, AND not damaging the Earth’s lungs. Win-win, right?

What to do if there’s a single child, wanting a bunk bed? Don’t worry, it is doable. Most carpenters and interior decorators these days will tell you that you can always have a bunk

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built on the wall directly. The frame for a bed could be securely suspended from the walls, at whatever height you need, and stairs leading up to it. The concept on bed on top of bed has faded out, so here’s a chance to not deny your tiny tot anything.

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