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Kids Room Interior Design Dated:  Aug. 28, 2014
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Designed by: Interior Designer, Zerogravitystudio

The tots. How they bring showers of blessings into families and continue to spread joy throughout. In this article, we’ll take you stage by stage, helping you to choose the right kind of furniture for your kids’ room. The problem with them growing up, apart from the pangs of worry, is that you’ll have to remodel every so often. The main factor to consider while doing up a child’s room is safety. Read on.

1)    We start with the obvious. Beds. Boy or Girl? Both? Two of a type? What age? Do you want to put them up in one room or does the constant fighting and bickering make you sick to your tummy? These are the basic questions to be answered before buying furniture for a child’s room. If you plan to put your kids in a single room, beds are often available at furniture stores in sets. This looks uniform and gives you the option of choosing matching upholstery. Another option is to bring out old beds from your attic and paint them new and put it in the kids’ bedroom, especially if they’re teenagers and want their own space. Managing space for a single child is always easier, right?

2)    Playroom furniture: If you’ve got toddlers, they’ll probably require playroom chairs and tables. We suggest buying from a good branded store in order to keep it safe, as flimsy stuff could break and injure your little stars in a nasty way.

3)    Storage Units: Bookcases are a commonplace necessity in a child’s bedroom, and hence have to be selected carefully. Now bear in mind that the schoolbooks will change every year, so sufficient storage is desirable. Also, if you have a child who’s addicted to reading outside of the school texts, you might want to get an extra cabinet, a

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one for their non-school books. Also, a separate stand made out of an old drawer for CDs, DVDs and other multimedia needs could be hooked up in your child’s room.

4)    Chairs and Beanbags: This is one very crucial bit as far as chilling out on your child’s part is concerned. The child will want his/her friends to be over, and having a few extra sitting places won’t hurt. Themed sofas, single ones, look lovely in a child’s room. Bean bags, the new fad look extremely cool in a teenager’s or preteen’s room. Girl children might want a fairy looking place and beanbags won’t cut it. In that case, get chairs that suit the theme of the place and get chairs.

5)    Desks and chairs: This is one necessity that you can’t do without in a child’s room. A computer table can be multipurpose and used as a study unit too. A pull-out table from underneath can be used as the study tables. The chair used with it should be checked for posture and safety, meaning, no sharp edges or visible nails.

6)    Dressers, Nightstand: When we’re talking about a girl’s room, a dresser is one of the things she can’t do

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A nightstand is desired for the child to keep a bottle of water handy. Mobile phones or iPods as well, if your child is growing up. Necessary investment, don’t you think?

Children’s rooms, I said this before and I’m saying it again, need to be furnished with a lot of care. Make sure your child doesn’t get hurt because of the furniture and that they come to love their rooms!


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