Kitchen Interiors - Design Inspiration and Maintanence Tips

Kitchen Design & Decor Dated:  Feb. 10, 2016
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Kitchen Interior in India by Architect: DePanache Interiors

Ever wondered why kitchen is considered the heart of the home? Because its not just the delicious food that gets cooked here. With your kids hopping in and out pestering you to give them their favourite cookies, your tiny girl giving you a helping hand in chopping or your mother giving some worldly advice on traditional cooking - there are moments of fun and joy being cooked that turns into cherished memories as time fades away.

In short, kitchen is where happiness is cooked that spreads as the food is served on the table. If you agree with this, you will surely know how important it is to maintain a kitchen more than any other room in the house.

Here are some design inspirations and maintenance tips to keep your kitchen stylish, trendy and user-friendly.

Things to keep in mind

Hard wood, natural stones are some good picks for kitchen floors.

  • Kitchens are the work stations of the house, which with the regular cooking and baking make the air toxic. Vent hoods or range hoods over the cook tops are essential to keep the air free from smoke, grease and micro particles. Another simple way is definitely to have large windows and an exhaust fan that will regulate the flow of air.
  • Non slippery tiles, rounded corners for counter tops and under mount sinks are some of the tiny yet crucial points to be noted to have a safe kitchen environment especially when you have little kids in your home.
  • Provide space for microwaves and other electronic gadgets at a safer height, keeping it away from the reach of kids.
  • We do not need uniform lighting through out the kitchen area. Hence, instead of going for recessed lights, go for task lights to erase the shadows that can hinder our work.

Design Inspirations

1. Modest Kitchen in Neutral shades

The kitchen is done in a modest way yet providing for all essential elements. 
Dark coloured tiles are used as the backsplash which is easier to clean. The kitchen is provided with a vent hood chimney that keeps the air and the walls clean from grease and smoke.

To give a lively look to the kitchen, the overhead cabinet is given frosted glass to exhibit the beautiful crockery collection. The cabinet below the counter is turned gorgeous with beautiful beige and yellow doors.

Modest Kitchen in Neutral shadesDesigned by Architect Manali Sutaria

2. White Kitchens

White KitchensDesigned by Architecture Firm Amit Walavalkar Adorn Space Concepts Pvt Ltd.

A clean, sleek kitchen done minimistically.
Colour palette is kept neutral which gives a spacious look to interiors. To give good ventilation and flush out the polluted air, large windows and exhaust fans are installed close to the cooking area. The sink, as visible, is under mounted which does not have crevices or lips where dirt gets accumulated easily.

3. Vintage style

The house has gone vintage with the spacious kitchen. The cupboards are done in warm blue colour - one of the evergreen colours that goes with the vintage look. The kitchen also has a kitchen island that is meticulously created to function as a dining counter by leaving the space empty below the counter. With large floor space posing greater chances of slipping, the floors are done with non slippery tiles that also adds to the rustic look to the kitchen.

Vintage styleDesigned by Interior Designer Hameeda Sharma

4. Kitchen with dining area

Kitchen with dining areaDesigned by Interior Design Firm Interior Shapes & Designs

The kitchen is extended to create not one but two dining area. The island is made to serve dual purpose by placing light weight stool chairs. The space allotted for kitchen is large enough to accommodate an actual dining table. Chandeliers and area rugs are used to give a distinctive look to the dining area. Air purifying plants is placed in the room to erase the suffocating mixture of aromas and smoke.

5. Sleek and stylish style

Designed by Interior Designer Ankkita Jain Das

With more longitudinal space available for the kitchen, the counters are designed sleek and long. The cooking area is designed on the island, which is in addition to the vent hoods, for better movement of smoky air. Proper ventilation is assured as the kitchen lies next to the doors leading to the balcony.

Hope these design ideas and tips come handy if you are going for a new or renovated kitchen.

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