4 Ideas to Build a Kitchenette in your Master Bedroom

Bedroom Design & Decor Dated:  Oct. 20, 2016
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Kitchenette in Master Bedroom

There are multiple occasions when we feel too lazy to walk up to our kitchen to even fix a meal for us. Even worse, at times we don’t even wish to just go and collect the hot pasta from the microwave. Well, worries come to end with innovations in architecture, as always! 

Kitchenettes in bedrooms are becoming quite popular not only for the comfort factor but also because they add in the uniqueness to the house decor. A few good designs are as under:

Just the basics:

A very simplistic way of incorporating a kitchenette would be to only have a make-do platform area with shelves above. An attractive addition could be to have a small microwave placed in it (as per the example shown below). This arrangement shall pretty much help you to get the basic requirements fulfilled like heating a pizza slice or even a glass of water. While, the shelves above can help store any eatables that you would like to munch on. The platform area can even be used to chop vegetables or perform any immediate tasks that you would like to accomplish in the comfort of your bedroom.

Kitchenette in Master BedroomKitchenette in Master Bedroom
Image Source: www.aluxstay.com.au

A little intricate:

To give a more wholesome idea to the kitchenette, an arrangement like the one shown below could be used. This is a neat and tidy way to incorporate a lot in just one corner. This is sufficient enough to be used even when your main kitchen is under renovation. This type can be built-in in places where the room is of a sizeable limit, probably a big bedroom or a studio apartment interface. This design not only factors in the basic utensils, storage area and microwave but also a stove and a sink to provide a full-fledged cooking experience.

Small Kitchen in Bedroom IdeaSmall Kitchen in Bedroom Idea
Image Source: www.brucehotchkiss.com

Different style:

Another style would be to not have the stove but just a fridge, a microwave and a sink. This would be ideal for cold cooking, heating through microwave and certain basic cooking through the same avenues. This is more for a compact bedroom design that would need comparatively less amount of space for the kitchenette. This design also portrays storage through lower lying drawers over shelves and uses that area to provide for windows instead. All in all, it is a good alternative to the previous design. 

Kitchenette in BedroomKitchenette in Bedroom
Image Source: www.pinterest.com/pin/175007135494409069

A dedicated area:

If you are sure to not change your bedroom design in the future then having a dedicated demarcated area could also prove to be good for the kitchenette. The picture below would give a rough estimate of the type. This pattern not only gives you more storage space but also a wider platform area where more things can be included. This pattern too is more visible in a studio apartment design but can be conveniently used for a bedroom. This pattern too is a comprehensive one which can consist of the fridge, sink, microwave, utensil storage and stove.

Small Kitchen in BedroomSmall Kitchen in Bedroom
Image Source: iemo.jpg

A few ideas:

The above mentioned designs are ideal if you wish to have a mini kitchenette in your bedroom, but for the lesser enthusiasts the following options still hold true:

1. Induction or a hotplate:

This little addition to your room can help you cook a few easy recipes, without giving you the headache of a stove or maintaining anything on a major basis. Having it would also lower the considerable chances of the room getting lit on fire. 

2. Microwave:

This would be another alternative to cook or heat some simple meals and ready-to-eat foods. It would also mesh in easily in any surroundings and decor that the bedroom holds due to its rectangular shape. 

3. Fridge:

This facility would help sustain you by providing you a medium to get hold of food whenever hungry, though not always hot. It goes without saying that it would be better to have a mini-fridge when only a fridge is being included. 

Well these are just a few ideas to make your life more convenient by making certain tweaks to your existing bedroom environment. Do let us know in case you have any more ideas that are similar or resonate to ours. 

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