Laka Competition 2017 : For Architecture that Reacts

Architecture Competitions Dated:  May 24, 2017
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Laka Competition 2017

Architecture which lives as a living organism, it responds to the external stimuli and develops because of it.

A grand integration of design fraternity from around the world, sets out to explore and identify gen-next ideas for architecture that reacts. It illustrates architecture which is able to respond and adjust dynamically to the current needs and circumstances. These circumstances are often unpredictable, but their consequences can be crucial. The architecture that reacts is the architecture that lives as a living organism, since it responds to the external stimuli and develops because of it.

Ayax Abreu Garcia (Laka Competition 2016)Ayax Abreu Garcia (Laka Competition 2016)

International design competition based on the theme of “Architecture that reacts” organized by the non-profit organization Laka does not demand qualifications, rather calls for an adept notion towards innovation.

Yuanye Huang, Daniel Parker, Suyi Zha (Laka Competition 2016)Yuanye Huang, Daniel Parker, Suyi Zha (Laka Competition 2016

Laka has come up with the 3rd edition of International ideas and design competition, where it asks for participants with multidisciplinary skills and aims at challenging the international creative community to submit innovative and inspirational design ideas promoting an innovative use of technology and sustainable systems.

Katarzyna PrzybyA3a (Laka Competition 2016)Katarzyna PrzybyA3a (Laka Competition 2016)

It aims to call for entries till November 2, integrating globally with a concept frame comprising of permutations, inviting  architects, students, engineers, biologists, sociologists, designers, thinkers, companies, organizations and everyone interested in the mission of the competition.

Asmaa Almunayes (Honorable mention, Laka Competition 2016)Asmaa Almunayes (Honorable mention, Laka Competition 2016

The jury is chaired by a panel of international experts namely:

The International Panel of Judges(clockwise)The International Panel of Judges(clockwise)

Alexander Rieck (Architect, Researcher, Co-Founder of LAVA Laboratory For Visionary Architecture)

Carlo Ratti (Architect, Founding Partner of Carlo Ratti Associati, Director of the Senseable City Lab)

Melanie Fessel (Architect, Urban designer, Director at Terreform ONE, Initiator of ONE Odyssey)

Peter Kuczia (IARP, BAK Architect, author of CO2 Saver House)

Thom Faulders (Architect, Professor of Architecture at California College of the Arts)

Vincent Callebaut (Archibiotect, Designer, Lecturer, Founder of Vincent Callebaut Architectures)

A total prize money of 50,000 USD* will be given to the finalists, as below:

1st PRIZE: 2500 USD 
2nd PRIZE: 1500 USD 
3rd PRIZE: 1000 USD

Also, another 10 honorable mentions will be entrusted to the next best slot of participants.

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