Latest Trends in False Ceilings

Decor Accents Dated:  Aug. 6, 2014
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Designed by : Ashu Paul Malhotra

False ceilings, like you know, are an additionally constructed layer of ceiling for the purpose of glamorizing your interiors. More and more homes in recent times, choose to opt for false ceilings for the variety of pros that come with them. Besides making your space feel more elegant, false ceilings help your home to stay cool, cuts down on the electricity consumed by air-conditioning, increases the acoustic capacity of your space and creates a beautiful façade that will make it easier to hide wiring or any other open cables. Let’s observe the various trends that are flooring the artificial ceiling market today.

Drywall Ceiling: When it comes to home décor, simple is always the best. Drywall ceilings, in an ode to their simplicity, are the most commonly used type of false ceiling in most homes. Conventional drywall ceilings are typically 8 feet high and can be decorated easily yourself using a stepladder. These have a plain, flat surface that can be easily decorated.

living room apartmentDesign by : Sandesh Prabhu

Wooden Ceilings: With the retro trend returning, wooden ceilings are making their way back into many homes. This Renaissance-themed false ceiling style enchants many home owners with its unique style and appeal, while allowing all kinds of accent lighting ideas like chandeliers and pendant lighting. Wooden cathedral-style ceilings have an ‘olden days’ kind of feel that will go very well with a rustic themed home.

Wood plank ceilingDesign by : Sandesh Prabhu

Tray Ceilings: Tray ceilings, with their quality to make a small room appear larger with the difference in the two false ceiling elevations, are creating a ripple in the ceiling market. A tray ceiling is ideal for most homes, rooms and living situations, supporting most kinds of accent lighting methods. Flat, with a recessed rectangular center, tray ceilings add drama to a particular room. The option is perfect for a dining room or kitchen, the key entertainment areas in your house.

tray ceilingsDesign by : Sandesh Prabhu

Coffered Ceiling: Coffered ceilings in the past were exhibits of architectural grandeur, made of carved stone or expensive wood. This erstwhile idea of these ceilings has been turned around in modern times. While the architectural idea remains the same i.e. that of an intricately designed false ceiling, it is designed in the form of coffered panels that fit inside the structure of the ceiling. Coffered ceilings do justice to a big living area, adorning the ceiling beautifully with their intricacy in architecture. These create a brilliant, maze-like façade, showing off the ceiling perfectly. Shadow lighting is a must-have with this kind of artificial ceiling.

coffer ceilingsDesign by : Sandesh Prabhu

Suspended or Drop Ceiling: A metal grid ceiling that is suspended from the original ceiling, suspended ceilings are stylish and functional. Lightweight, acoustic panels are laid into the metal grid to create the ceiling. Suspended ceilings are opted for by more and more homes in keeping with their functionality. Suspended ceilings are also opted by lots of offices because of their style and no-fuss look.

Suspension gridsDesign by : Sandesh Prabhu

Artificial ceilings these days make for style and an ethereal appeal that makes your home a lot more stylish than a bare wall. Observe, create and enjoy!

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