Light up your room right - tips for perfect lighting for your interiors

Home Lighting Dated:  Jan. 21, 2016
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Home Lighting Design by Architect Chitra Tibrewal

Its time for  Sun to call it a day. The lights are going to take over the duty of dispelling the darkness.

Though we put  them all in a single category of 'lights', snatching their peculiarity, we all know how greatly they vary in their features. It is hence equally important to know where and how to use each of  them.

 Here is a few tips that can come handy while picking the right ones for your rooms.

1. Know the light need 

Just as we use different rooms for different functions, so are their lighting requirements. A lot of times we settle for a type or two for lighting the entire house which leads to poor lighting. Remember, poor lighting does not only mean insufficient light. Lighting up a space with  more than what is needed also gives an uninviting look to the room.

For eg. Living room, being one of the primary rooms of the house can have a mix of lights like table lamps near the sofa for reading, floor lamps to brighten up a corner, spot lights if you have a good art piece on your walls etc, apart from the regular ceiling lights.

Dining table, where the entire family gathers together should be highlighted in the dining hall. A lavish chandelier overlooking the table can be a perfect pick to brighten the space.

dining room lighting ideaDining room lighting idea
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2. Have a good mix of ambient, task and accent lights

Ambient lights are those which is used in a hall or a hallway for an overall lighting with no specific purpose.

Task lights, on the other hand, is what you require for doing  a task - for eg table lamp for reading, pendant lights in kitchen at the countertops etc.

Accent lights, as the name suggests, is to accent the spot where it is fixed- for eg, a spot light to highlight the art work on the walls.

Having a good mix of all these types of light is needed to give due importance to each element in the room.

Accent LightingAccent Lighting
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3. Uneven light across the room

Never hesitate to go for uneven lighting as not all the corners of  the room need the same amount of brightness. Some spots get attractive with generous amount of light poured on while others  need a darker look.. Uneven lighting can thus get each corner of the room highlighted.

4. Positioning of lights

Choosing the perfect lighting product is not enough. Positioning too plays a vital role in creating a good ambience. Know the height at which the lights are to be hung depending upon the intensity you need for the space. While fixing them on the walls or at the corners make sure you know where the shadow falls so that it does not defeat the purpose for what it has been fixed.

5. Colour of walls matters too

Colouring the walls is a fun thing to do, only when you know the correct shade that should go on the walls. Darker shades of a colour you love in a small room can negate the effect of a light most suitable for the room.

So if you still feel there is something wrong in the light, try thinking the other way.

Now that we know the Dos', let's look at the Dont's for creating that perfect ambience with lighting.

6. Don't just go with looks

Fancy or decorative lights can brighten up the space. But going by the looks alone can make it poor. Make sure you buy one which provides sufficient light to the place you want to keep it or going the other way, keep it in a place spacious and dark enough to afford to the brightness. The ideal choice is to go for the products that give you the freedom to fix the light ourselves.

Hashcart Wooden Floor LampHashcart Wooden Floor Lamp

7. Avoid excessive use of recessed lights

Many a time we overestimate the use of recessed or ceiling lights. 
A kitchen probably does not need too much of recessed lights as each corner of  the room needs  different amount of  light; a pendant light for the coffee table, directed lights for the countertops.

8. Avoid Incandescent lights without dimmers

Incandescent and halogen  lights are often too bright for our use. There are times we need a dimmer light to create a soothing atmosphere. Lights without dimmers switches will not be able to fulfill that need. Dimmer switches are hence something you should go for with these lights which will also help in  reducing the energy costs drastically since you can adjust the power accordingly.

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