Living room arrangement for better conversations

Living Room Design & Decor Dated:  Jan. 4, 2014
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Living room is the only space in homes that makes room for catch-up with friends and family. In most of the homes, this space welcomes guests and visitors every other day. And this is the reason why people are seen going overboard over the living room decor- be it a furniture, an upholstery fabric, the wall color or lighting effects. There are few who won't mind tossing millions of bucks in embellishing the decor .The decor is a prissy issue, which, contrary to popular belief shouldn't be confined to just having the best furniture and decor accents in the town. Remember, your living room is not a showroom.

There are other aspects as well that require sincere deliberation- the most important being living room setting. Since the room entertains social activity, it is important that your seating arrangement is open and well organized. According to the experts, arrangement of furniture around a given space decides how feasible the future conversations would go.

The key is to aim for a furniture setting that creates a cozy and warm environment to sit and chat besides saving most of your space . Just follow these simple steps to create a cordial seating arrangement that would stir up a warm and candid conversation every time you and your friends gather around the coffee table.

1.Part areas : Different living rooms are built across different layout. If you have ample space, divide it in two or three partitions.

Partition 1: Set up sofas , lounge and couches encompassing the coffee table.

Partition 2: Equip this space with a medium sized square or round table with four chairs around. This space would entertain closed conversations.

Partition 3: This area can be used as a dining room that would give the nod for dining and conversing at the same time. No need for this partition if you have a separate dining room.

2.Create a focal point: Whether you have a roomy living interior or a compact one , you need a focal point. Focal point need not lie in the center of the room. It can be any specific point in your home , such that you can spruce up your furniture around it. An enormous window with a good outdoor view or a fireplace around the corner can serve as a focal point.

1_html_1a520624.jpgHome Designed by: KNS Architects

3. Align furniture away from wall: In order to make way for a cordial chat, make sure that your furniture pieces stay away from wall and form a closed alignment around the center of room such that conversing with fellow members in the group becomes easy. Every seating space needs to be approachable from every other space. This would avoid straining your neck while speaking.

1_html_46b487a7.jpgHome Designed byAmit Walavalkar
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4. Make room for extra furniture: No doubts, you have enough couches around your coffee table to accommodate one and all. But you never know when the need crops up out of nowhere. Hence, always have a couple of low raised ottomans ready to entertain the extra crowd. These furniture pieces do not take enough space.

1_html_m61e588cb.jpgHome Designed by:Sonali Shah

5. Mirrors- a big no, no: If your aim is to set up a living room that would make room for conversations, avoid sprucing up your walls with mirrors. Though this seems a little weird, yet it distracts people in the middle of conversation.

6. A Lively backdrop:  Last but the least, make sure that your living room decor is inviting. Decorate your walls with peppy paints and spruce them up with vibrant wall-arts. Moreover, you can also decorate the room with some green plants that bring nature indoors.

So what are you waiting for? Just apply these steps to your living room and you would notice a considerable change.

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