10 Living Room Garden Ideas

Living Room Design & Decor Dated:  July 11, 2016
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Living Room Garden Idea by Ar. Dameem Ansari M

William Hazlitt says that “One of the pleasantest things in the world is going on a journey; but I would like to go by myself. I can enjoy society in a room; but out of the doors, Nature is company enough for me.”

The fields his study, nature was his book

In this chaotic lifestyle where everyone runs by stopwatches, finding such calm and soaking into nature is difficult. But no one can stop a nature lover from indulging into its beauty, be it indoors or outdoors. So if you cannot step out and explore or cannot afford the dream garden you always wished for; here are 10 Living room garden ideas to reconnect you to your roots.

1. Xerophytes in a Cup: Remember yourself being shattered when your favourite set of fancy liquor glasses or cups was spoiled. Behold! Reusing comes to your rescue. Use your leftover glasses/cups to plant these exotic xerophytic plants which are easy to maintain and pretty to look at.

Tip: Add to the beauty by layering it with gravel and sand 

Indoor Pots and Planters Living RoomPots and Planters for Living Room
Image Source: pearlyshinyshells.blogspot.in

2. Crafted Cushions and Carpets: Customize your living room garden with Hand printed textiles inspired by ‘lush landscapes’ or ‘the fall’. Choose from a wide range of designer carpets and cushions. Just mix, match and experiment!

Crafted Cushion and CarpetCrafted Cushion and Carpet
Image Source: pearlyshinyshells.blogspot.in

3. Pouring the Potpourri: Potpourri(a mix of scented petals) has been the best way to lighten up a dull room with the cheerful colors incorporated together and its pleasing aroma which also freshens up the whole room.

Get your bowl of freshness today!

 Pouring the PotpourriPouring the Potpourri
Photo Credits: Jonathan Fong

4. Bring in that Bonsai: Who says the beauty of  green trees can only be experienced outside your homes? With various varieties of bonsai such as, banyan, ficus, oranges and even christmas trees can also be adorned in your living room.

indoor plants for living roomIndoor plants for living room
Image Source: www.bonsaiempire.com

5. Add Fauna to your Living Room Garden: In your hectic schedule you may not get time to watch the charismatic birds and the striking colours of the butterflies but, you can surely add thier presence to your room by accessorizing your living room with wall hangings, having a touch of fauna.

Living Room with Garden DecorationLiving Room with Garden Decoration
Photo credits: nimda

6. Hue New: Take it as if the season of fall is arriving and you are in awe of it, Skip green for a while and decorate your living room using warm hues such as brown, vermillion, maroon,  beige, etc. that reminds you of the falling autum.

7. Earthy Basalt flooring: Don’t you just love it when your feet touches the soil, the sensation of which makes you relieve your stress and connects you to the earth? Experience the same by choosing from a wide range of earthy Basalt flooring. This will surely make you feel down to earth.

Living Room Garden IdeaLiving Room Garden Idea
Image source: www.cbpengineering.com

8. Go ‘literaly’ Green with your Appliances:  Do you know that it’s not just your decorative items but also your electrical appliances that could add to the beauty of your living room? The best part being, they are eco-friendly too. Thumbs up to XYZ company for initiating such an idea.

Green with your ApplianceGreen with your Appliance
Image Source: www.indianshowbiz.com

9.  3D Wallpapers and Curtains: Bored from the mainstream and the same old design of your wall? Try some 3D wallpapers with designs of leaves and flowers carved on it so as to add to the garden-charm of your living
room. Not only wallpapers but the same 3D designs can also be incorporated in the curtains.

10.  Garden Gnomes: The word has it that these little magical creatures known as Gnomes have been safe-guarding your gardens for quite a while. But little did you know that these sweet little creatures have not only been guarding your garden but been beautifying them. Let one of these artifacts be a part of your living room and be a guard of it too!  

Garden GnomesGarden Gnomes
Image Source: www.askbobcarr.com
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